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17. May 2020, 18:08

Hi guys... amidst all the negative reports and anger over the lock downs, and people losing jobs, deaths, illness, frustration, can anyone tell me about anything GOOD they have seen or experienced during this crisis that has directly affected YOU YOURSELF? something you witnessed that made you feel good? something you got done or wanted to do? a change for the better in your kids or yourself? anything? i would love to see some of that!
thankyou in advance
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18. May 2020, 02:28

I'll try...
I have doubled the size of my veggie garden, this year will include: corn, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, watermelons, purple & green beans, strawberries and blueberries.
And started a new perennial flower garden, including corn flowers dahlias, gladiolus, roses, butterfly peas, bleeding hearts, cosmos, columbine, hosta, chrysanthemums, and trumpet vine for the cottage fence
The humming birds are back, checking the feeder every day & waiting on the flowers to bloom. The lead male, fights other males so his females can get a drink.
The blue buntings are also back (very loud blue) (blue is my favorite color)
The cardinals are back in a vivid red. They check the feeders in the early morning
And I have even seen 2 cranes at the pond, fishing!!
The iris are in full bloom, yellows, pinks, purples, and blues
I was gifted 9 Rose of Sharron shrubs... I paid it forward and gifted, 2 Red Buds, 2 Dogwoods, and 1 Crab-apple Tree.
I was gifted 3 types of mint, a tooth aches bush... I paid it forward and gifted, daffodils

Please do not think me callous or hard for the "next"part.

I have served in the Military for 24 years. I was in the desert when Saddam Hussen was captured (Not on the team that captured him!!)
I do not live in fear. I can't
I don't like being told I have to live in someone else's fear.

I live in a county that has had 4 cases total, ALL CURED, 0 deaths
It has been over 60 days since lock down started
If we are truly adults, and you are sick, stay home
If we are adults, and you are in one of the "hot spots", stay home
Don't expect me to lose my job, huddle in a corner, shrivel up and die, because you are scared.
I can't

I count my blessings!! I have lived thru stuff, some people have never seen. I hope they never will
I wake up to a new day, with thousands of possibilities
Happy for my daughter
Happy I am here for another day
Williawc, calls out, "Where are you??!!
Nita1 whispers, "I'm in the garden..." and it echoes forever
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18. May 2020, 02:55

i love that answer. survivors will always do what they can to survive. i've been working two jobs now to pay my bills so i don't lose anything. there is only me so i am the only one to count on. if we all do what it takes to be clean, respect that those around us who are wearing masks or gloves may be immune compromised, and think with our heads logically instead of fearfully, we will be okay.
i live in a county where neighbors are, many times, a mile or half mile from each other. we had one case of covid, and it was an illegal that crossed the border that had it, and our county takes about an hour and a half to go from one end to the other. no one died and no one else got sick. we are now open for business... all businesses, and i believe that is the entire state as well.
nothing really changed in my life around covid only because i live alone and no one lives around me. i go about my day to day business as always. i never did, and have not, had physical contact with others when i work either of my two jobs. honestly tho, i cannot wait to get rid of the second job i had to take up. i don't like working 6 days per week. i'm tired LOL.
i am glad to see you have found a little oasis and had time to work on it. your own little magoia.
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22. May 2020, 07:14

The good things from this situation… for me:
God created a wonderful world where I can live.
I don't have to rush to places where I never really had to be - so a lot of peace and quit and it was very welcome
I discovered in my environment a lot of small lanes, nice houses I never saw before all in walking distance so obviously I don't need to go far on holiday to discover things
Because I can talk walks I'm fully enjoying al the flowers on the side of the road - I take pictures and back home I look up what they are called if I don't know them
I've opened a FB-account and place the photo's there so my friends can join me in experiencing nature on the doorstep
But I do hope that we can go to a situation were you can meat people without constrictions
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