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9. Jun 2019, 11:09

I think when you first start the game you should be told to go to the forum (and where the button is) and what you can find on the forum because when I first started I didn't know some information that could have helped me.
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9. Jun 2019, 14:07

I love the forum but like other player I think it is a little difficult for newer players to find, I think it would be better for it to be on the top of our screen having it at eye level would be more noticeable
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9. Jun 2019, 15:39

More Hints and tips from other players at all levels

A list of events and when to expect them from the various league reclassification to double harvest for tree healing and the moon and season events.
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I to had issues finding & working the Forum when I was a young/new player. Even getting registered was a issue & not understanding I should have used the same log-in name in both places.
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9. Jun 2019, 17:45

For my part, I find that you can easily lose a day if you want to go around to find a few things.
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9. Jun 2019, 18:22

I like the idea of a support link from the forum. I have left messages here a few times when I could not get into the game. The support link would help with those times.
I would also like to have a small beginners section to help get new players started. I know I was lucky and found a great Clan early. Nita1 has a terrific list to help and is always willing to answer questions. Not all are that fortunate and a new person overview would be helpful for those people.
I think that the link to the forum should be more prominent on the game screen. It is easily overlooked as it is.
Other than these items I think the forum is great the way it is!
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10. Jun 2019, 11:56

Game Closed

Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas.

Prize is 50 energy

The prizes will be delivered as soon as I wake up. Goodnight :D
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Prize delivered
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