Christmas countdown Day 17

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17. Dec 2019, 09:26

Game Today is
make a sentence :D
make a sentence from a festive word
then leave a festive word for the next player
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Holly -- Helped outside Lorelei3 laughed yesterday :lol:
Game will last 48hrs
Next word Angel
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17. Dec 2019, 10:29

put the angel at the top of the tree to look down upon us and protect us from harm

next festive word is snowman
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17. Dec 2019, 10:59

Snowman has a carrott nose - Put him in shade for to melt not

NEXT - Chimney
Just saying!
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17. Dec 2019, 11:09

ImageChimney sweeps will work hard today to clear a path for Santa to deliver his gifts and eat his cookies!Image

Next Word: Sacred
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17. Dec 2019, 12:52

the carolers sang sacred Christmas songs as they strolled the snowy street.

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17. Dec 2019, 13:59

Looking for unique Christmas decorations? The Jolly Christmas Shop is the world's #1 Christmas store!

Next: family reunion
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17. Dec 2019, 14:04

Everybody loves Christmas, because this is a good time and reason for having a family reunion and having a great time with the beloved ones.

Next word: Presents
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17. Dec 2019, 15:11

Everyone knows it is better to give than receive presents... but the person with the most toys wins!!!!

Next word: Hot Chocolate
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What's hot chocolate without ewey gooey Marshmallows? Just sayin.

Next festive word. Snow
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17. Dec 2019, 15:26

Snow is falling all around...somewhere, how I miss it, since, I have none lol :)

Next: Star