Cristmas Day 18 - Decoration of your garden

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Ho ho ho
We're getting nearer and nearer, Mrs Klaus!!!
What have we got for today?

for Today's Game:
we like to see your Magoia Garden -one of your gardens, or more- to be Decorated for Christmas!!!

You may use whatever you have available, i.e. plants-trees-etc, to form festive, decorative designs
for you and for all who visit your gardens to share and Enjoy!
Then, we like you to describe your decorations for us with as many details as you choose!
OPTIONALLY, you may also like to add a photo here together with your description!

Game lasts 48 hours, as usual!

For your convenience, here is Google Translate link

And an easy-to-use photo - upload link, in case you'd also like to show us with a photo

[Browse, to find the photo; Upload; and Copy the Direct Link of your Image and then come to your post, click the image-icon next to * at the top, and paste in-between the brackets that have appeared when you clicked on the image-icon. Your photo is in your post!]

Enjoy your Decorations! :)
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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I decorated a Christmas Tree in my Rock Garden, using Yellow and Red Lampions and a Glow Cup on top with some garlands made of Glow Calyx. I hope it's a nice tree :)

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I made a gift box in my honey garden
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Celebrating in hot water, under the tree with lights on it.

detail: branch with lights and ornament
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in one of my gardens i used white bell for snow, puffy fungus for a tree trunk, fire grass for the limbs, and one light star at the top and made a christmas tree. dew lichen makes up the blue sky and i planted some silver dew just to add a little extra color

after this was harvested, i made a wreath out of creek heartleaf with red and yellow lampion as bells and this time used a light cup as snow around it.
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I made the X of X-mas
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I have made the Christmas Tree at the Rock Garden with Fire Houseleeks


Then, the decorating lamps were done separately ... by Marking the plants


And, at the Aqua Garden , ... is where I did the Christmas Gift-Wrap for all the presents!!! :o 8-)

Just saying!
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The wreaths are not missing from the Christmas decoration. In Rock Garden I braided a wreath from Breese Lichen, with some accents by Ember Lichen. Yellow Lampion gives a cheerful note, and Light Gup gives the impression of snow.
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the christmas blob tree.

it was supposed to be a christmas tree done in storm thorn, with a silver spark as star, fire tooth, shining bells, ruby lotus, ruby flowerets, sun lotus and fire houseleeks as the christmas ornaments on a field of snow that was made up of light cap. i did this in the rock garden. however, it does not look a christmas tree it looks more like a festive blob. therefore i am calling it the christmas blob tree!!!
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In my Honey garden , i made a gift :)