Cristmas Day 18 - Decoration of your garden

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19. Dec 2019, 15:29

I tried to take a screenshot unfortunately I have no idea how to, my daughter has given up trying to show me haha
so in my garden I planted Rose dream as the present, I have taken out some and placed pond lotus to me it is ribbon and sprouting from the top is aqua bind weed , with one wee solitary Ho in rose dream at the side as I ran out of space :lol: the sprinkles which I gratefully receive is glitter Ta Da :D
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19. Dec 2019, 17:37

Yep, I can't figure out screen shot either so how I decorated my Aqua Garden is with two rows of blue lampion horizontally and than half way across two lines of blue lampion across vertically. I than outlined both rows all the way around with one row of yellow lampion to make one huge cross to show what the holiday is truly truly all about. ++++++++++
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19. Dec 2019, 17:39

I did 2...
Dec Candy Cane - sm.jpg
Dec Candy Cane - sm.jpg (77.9 KiB) Viewed 1630 times
Dec Tree - sm.jpg
Dec Tree - sm.jpg (76.38 KiB) Viewed 1630 times
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19. Dec 2019, 20:48

Can't seem to upload screenshots either :-(

But made a garland of heartleaves (greek and glow) with ref and yellow lampion 'berries'
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20. Dec 2019, 01:29

I made a star in my honey garden using light and ruby stars. I couldn't firgure out screen shot either. :cry:
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20. Dec 2019, 02:32

i attempted to make a star in my honey garden and i dont know how to do screen shots wish they didnt have the garden championship so often... or id try to do a christmas tree
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20. Dec 2019, 09:58

This Game is now closed!

&, Thank you all for your Participation!

Your incredible Garden Decorations have been greatly enjoyed
had they been described, or photo-shared
and highly appreciated!

The prize of 120 Water Lilies has been Magoiacally gifted to you!!

Happy Holidays to All!!
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!