Christmas Day 20

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20. Dec 2019, 10:03

O, ho ho ... arriving at the last few days already!!!

Mrs Claus, Hey hey hey - how is it going? ...

- Well, for Day 20, . . .
We like you to tell us all about the Best Gift you Ever Received for the Christmas Season!
Describe the gift, why it was so important to you, and how it made you feel at the time :!:
And also feel free to add anything else we might be missing, which you'd like to share with us!
:) 8-) :P

As always Enjoy & Have Fun with the game!

For your convenience, here is the Google Translate link
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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20. Dec 2019, 10:14

The best gift ever!!!! Cards - I have 2 brothers who send me cards on days I can use a sign.
The last ones were a peacock shining almost and a drawing of nature and when I open the card you can hear the birds sing and insects buzz…
I treasure these.
This is love all over.
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20. Dec 2019, 11:26

It would have to be my 1962 Triumph Spitfire Convertible. It was a surprise gift from my then Boy Friend (who is now my Husband). He put so much work into making it just right, and also safe for me. He even in had it painted a luscious red. We had lots of fun in my little 2 seater!
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20. Dec 2019, 11:54

A new laptop ! I was having problems with the previous one, it was noisy and slow, but not broken so I didn't find necessary to change it, because I used it mainly for games :D . My husband gift was wonderful, this one works perfectly. He showed me my gift one week ago - for Christmas - but who could wait to unwrap it till then...not me :D
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20. Dec 2019, 12:34

Well it would have to be the Christmas my then boyfriend proposed to me and placed an engagement ring on my finger. We are happily married and as much in love today as we where that day 42yrs ago.
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20. Dec 2019, 14:56

Ok, I'll tell you not about current present but one I've got long ago :)
I remember I was living with my grandparents because parents had to work hard, so I rarely saw them and only talked on the phone from time to time,ristmas :( since they were working hard I didn't know if they will come for Ch. So yeah... Just before Christmas Eve, early morning, I'm sleeping (I think I was 6 or 7 years old) and I kinda feel something tickling my nose, I swat at it, but it happens again. I opened my eyes and there they are, my parents, standing and smiling at me, I was just like huuh an I still sleeping??!!!
So, this is it the best present for me!!! Not something you can buy for money!!
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20. Dec 2019, 15:13

although we are no longer together, i do have to admit that my exbf was pretty good with gifts.... best gift ever was a $500 shopping spree.... he got me a ton of gift cards and told me i could only spend on myself... and to make sure i did, he drove me place to place... came in with me.... and actually participated in helping me shop. i came home with about 4 pairs or new shoes, 20 shirts, 6 pairs of pants, some skirts and dresses.
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20. Dec 2019, 16:00

The best gift I gor for Christmas is love. Love of the best man I ever met, happiness of living together, shering our best and our bad with understanding eachother. Yup, that was the best christmas present that is still going on. =)
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20. Dec 2019, 16:01

my best Christmas is being with my Family everyone husband, brother, sisters, mom, dad,
my kids, there wife or husband, grandchildren,
just spending time together .
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20. Dec 2019, 16:02

The best gift I received was a doll that crawled on her own.