Christmas Day 20

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20. Dec 2019, 16:11

My best was one I gave
When my daughter was 5 (maybe), ET was very popular and she still believed in Santa...
She got a hobby horse, one of those leather ET, ET shoes, etc. waffles for breakfast.
I can't describe her expressions, over joyed, excited, happy, loved!! The morning was magical for her...It was the best morning ever
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Williawc, calls out, "Where are you??!!
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20. Dec 2019, 16:20

i have to agree with thumper ... my best present ever was the few times i got the whole family together on christmas. i miss those days now cuz no one wants to spend it with the whole family anymore. they even kept the spats at bay the few times we did get everyone together. now days we take gifts to the families one by one on different days. this yr we prob will only be hubby and i, cuz usually we get an invite and we dont want to impose on anyone so we also do not ask, so the 23 will drop gifts off at my sisters for her and 2 nieces and one great nephew, christmas eve will drop off gifts for my oldest son, his wife and 3 children and his mom in law, christmas day will drop off at my niece for her family and in laws, and then the day after christmas will drop off youngest sons family and his in laws, not sure when i will see my other niece so not sure when she will get hers. sent gifts via amazon to my daughter and the grands and great grands in louisiana ... and maybe stop by the cemetary to put flowers on my moms niche. i miss the years gone by but time moves on and im just glad the families are happy :|
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My best gift received for Christmas was when I was a child of 8 or 10, still in the late years of primary school.
I remember we had gone with my late oldest brother to the biggest+fanciest children's toy-store at the time
so that I'd choose for myself!
I don't at all remember with certainty if this Gift was his (or, parents') personal gift to me for Christmas, though it could very well be! :)
Now, the Gift:
it was in a gigantic Box, of which in the interior was part of the gift, and it was a House - a Toy-House, a Doll's House ... 3 sides of the Box comprised the 3 walls of the house &
it had all that you get in a house, rooms, furniture, kitchenware etc

it was made of exquisite materials, and had incredible colours!
I have gotten other beautiful things as gifts in my life, but what was so special about this one is of course the memory with my late brother, and also in a way, I'm sure that
Even if I saw it today, I'm sure I'd love it, and possibly choose it again if I was to choose something for a very dear person's present!!! 8-) :)
Just saying!
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My best Christmas present ever was getting my son home, he was born 8 weeks premature and spent 7 weeks in a neonatal unit, he wasn't due to be released until, new year, but when we went to the hospital on Christmas eve we were told he could come home with us, we rushed home to get the car seat etc :D I burnt Christmas dinner that year :lol: , all the family had to see him as many were not allowed into the unit and up until that day only his dad and I had been able to hold him, He's now 32 and has his own wee precious bundle our grand daughter :D
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21. Dec 2019, 01:31

Best gift- necklace given to me by my son it's two dolphins in the shape of a heart made of 14 carat gold.
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Hmm I've gotten lots of good gifts, it's hard to choose one (and I don't remember a lot of them). I was pretty happy when I got a movie I'd been wanting to watch, or there's the time my mom gave me an infinity scarf which I didn't think much of at the time but has turned out to be one of my most useful gifts. I don't know, I really just like having my whole family gathered around smiling and opening presents, that's the best part to me.
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21. Dec 2019, 06:27

At the start of my relationship with my husband, he lost his mother.
When the estate was finished, about a year after his death,
he gave me half of his house, his mother house, for Christmas.
He gave me the papers so that I could own the house with him.
It was the best gift he could give me because it showed me how much he trusted me and loved me.
So I was happy, grateful and overjoyed because I felt like the most loved and luckiest woman in the world. :D
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From my then boyfriend, who lived a long distance away, had mailed me a large package. Inside it was a gift for each of my 5 senses:

1) Sight = on a cd was a compilation of pics of us
2) Sound = on a cd was a compilation of songs that were meaningful to us, plus just a recording of his voice because I told him how much I just enjoyed the sound of it
3) Touch = a petal from the boutonniere he wore to the high school dance we went to, plus a voodoo like doll that was supposed to be him wearing a suit (lol kinda creepy but still!)
4) Smell = his favorite shirt in a ziplock bag
5) Taste = (that was tough he said but) he had made me homemade fudge made out of love

I cried out of joy with each mini box I opened... but then I was surprised a second time when, hours later, he showed up at my door!

The gift itself was one I will always remember... he set a pretty high-standard... no other gift has been as thoughtful or romantic...
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Our local charity shop has a tableau in the front window with the title "Best Gift Ever" - and shows Mary and her baby.
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