Christmas Countdown Day 21

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21. Dec 2019, 09:05

Ho Ho Ho
It's almost here, are you getting excited ? :D
In Today's game
Each of you will become a secret Santa
Pick an inhabitant in Magoia, say what gift you would give them and why :D
Let your imagination flow, but please have fun :lol:
Game will last for 48hrs
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To get us started I would pick Prince Moron and give him a cup of Christmas cheer made from crushed moon plants and fermented pear horn, why? To get him tipsy and in a good mood :lol: no, Bah Humbug! from him :lol:
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21. Dec 2019, 09:17

I would give Moana, the Herb Witch, an universal Pass to come whenever she wants in Magoia, not only once a week.
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21. Dec 2019, 09:36

I would give a big hugh on cuddles, because she always smiles at me :lol:
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21. Dec 2019, 10:48


I love them all, and could equally pick up any single one of them!
For answering this Question, though,
I pick Galernikus! LOL
First, because just the figure combined with the name make me laugh every time!
- and also because I love what he presents us with, i.e. the presently going on Winter Event! ;)
The gift I'd give is, obviously, a high-tech Starscope!

Happy Holidays, all!!
Just saying!
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21. Dec 2019, 10:56

I would send a lot of laughter, love and positivity to MAZZIFY and ANGELDRAGONWINGS.
They are missed in the game and therefor in my life, hopefully they are back soon.
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21. Dec 2019, 15:12

Shawnee: a day to herself at a spa. where she could relax, get a facial, mani/pedi cures, a massage, a soak in a hot, perfumed scented tub and get her hair done. so she could take her mind of her health problems
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21. Dec 2019, 16:23

Nita 1 from clan Secret Garden tells stories about her dragons every time they let loose and fly... sometimes they are eating moonbeams, sometimes laughing at people scraping snow off their cars, but always something and makes sure her clan is in the know on what kind of shenanigans her dragons are up to.....
i would gift her go pros for all her dragons, so that when they are our of eyesight, she can get all the details of where they are and what they did along the way, and instead of writing down the events, she can post little movies of them for us all to watch.
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21. Dec 2019, 16:37

Awww!! Thanks Karen!! That would be fun to watch!

I selected a team, not a person.
The moderators & managers (AlizAlizA, Tinkerbell, Quicksilver, Maleela, Eddard and Gundohar) (Sorry if I missed anyone)
They are always there when we need them and ready to help out!!

I would send them on a trip...maybe dog sledding in the north to see the Aurora Borealis... or to do some whale watching.
If the cold is not their thing, then I would send them south to swim with dolphins
Basically a day with no "problems"
Take a deep breath
Williawc, calls out, "Where are you??!!
Nita1 whispers, "I'm in the garden..." and it echoes forever
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21. Dec 2019, 16:48

Has to be Java for looking after the dragon mums and their eggs ... some exotic bird feathers to make a new headdress, a change from the beautiful peacock one she wears
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21. Dec 2019, 18:31

I would get the the whole clan together to gift the dragons with a day pampering and love for all the hard work they, do for us.