Christmas Countdown Day 21

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21. Dec 2019, 20:08

I would get my all my clan's Green Grove Orchards members onesies of different Magoia dragons as for why Dragons are awesome :)
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21. Dec 2019, 23:30

I would pick cousin Lapin of RSG. The gift would be an all expenses paid round trip Dragon Ride for her next Holiday with her family
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22. Dec 2019, 00:54

A cloud tree for Daughter of Pan because she's a newer player.
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22. Dec 2019, 00:59

i would give Nita1 ( our leader) a beautiful bouquet of all the flowers in magoia, she has a beautiful soul and is a fantastic leader :)
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22. Dec 2019, 09:59

My gift goes to Cuddles. He is so cute and generous.
I give her lots of hugs, love and warm smiles.
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23. Dec 2019, 00:15

I would like to give the moon mice the day off, some fluffy warm bedding and a box of tasty snacks, because they work so hard all year round helping our plants grow faster when we need them :)
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23. Dec 2019, 00:25

I'd give Java a coupon for a free day at the spa, to relax after all her hard work looking after the dragon's nest and hatchlings.
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23. Dec 2019, 05:12

I would like to make necklaces out of Moon Lotus, Glitter Shell and Glowing Swirl for Faolan the little dragon to wear so we can see him fly over!
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23. Dec 2019, 09:27

Game Closed
Thank you all for playing :D
We loved the Christmas gifts especially us going on a relaxing holiday, Thank you Nita1 :D I pick the Aurora borealis :lol:
We all join you ElsjeFiederelsje in wishing Mazzify and AngelDragonWings a speedy return :P
Prize of 1,000 Crystals have been delivered :D