Christmas Day 22 - Wish!

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22. Dec 2019, 09:43

Ooooh, Ho Hoooo
Mrs Claus, keep your post, and get the notebooks ready -
More Wishes have we, here!

Take Notes, please, crew!!!

For today's game,
Make a Personal Christmas Wish that you can share with us!

May your wish be for your Real-Life, OR, it can be a Magoia-wish for our Magoia-Land*, or both!
* something that you wish for within Magoia's magic reach, and may you be as imaginative as it can take!!!

For your convenience, here is the Google Translate link

Make sure you Have Fun & Enjoy the days!! ;) :)
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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22. Dec 2019, 10:39

I Wish that my family and friends lead a good and healthy life if there were any troubles may they be solved easily and fast. I know wishing pease to the world is impossible but I still Wish that conflicts would end as soon as possible AND Treasure out Planet because what we are doing to it MUST stop.
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22. Dec 2019, 11:33

I wish to my family and friends to be healthy and have a lot of good luck and success in everything they are doing !!!
Also best wishes for all Magoia players and the moderators team !
I would love to see even more players in this wonderful game !
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22. Dec 2019, 11:38

I wish that Shadow in Magoia and in our real world and life transform into the Light and Love. I wish all my family members and Magoia friends to be in good health, live in harmony with each other and our beautiful Mother Earth and have abundance in every aspect of their life.
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22. Dec 2019, 11:47

My wish would be for the end of all Greed, Prejudice, Dishonesty, and Tyranny throughout the world.
(Forgetmenot) Live in the Present, Remember the Past, and Fear not the Future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only NOW . . .Saphira
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22. Dec 2019, 12:34

I thought about the bigger wishes ...
But I wish that everyone receives a little gift each day that makes their day just a little bit better - whether it's a smile past on, a snowflake landing on your nose, a flower showing it's face for the first time, news from a friend ... just a little something
And maybe we can all be part of making this happen!
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22. Dec 2019, 12:55


First and foremost I wish Luck!,
- because whatsoever might be the case, health, love, etc - with some extra Luck, it will all go for the Best! :!:

As for the rest ...
I wish us all Health - but, more than Wealth, I really wish Love!!!
(as an old song says - or so)

And, my Magoia wishing is:
-the Cloud Garden!
-to get the missing Magoia-friends back, and/or, at least have them be Well!
-to have this game continue to sky-rocket and be the Best!!!
Just saying!
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22. Dec 2019, 13:58

for my real life wish: I wish that we could get enough finances together to make a move to a different place.

for magoia: I wish we could have more land open
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22. Dec 2019, 14:09

My wish would be peace and love to all mankind
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22. Dec 2019, 15:21

I wish that I would not ignore my instincts.. :lol: