Christmas Day 22 - Wish!

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22. Dec 2019, 15:39

I'm going to be selfish this year...
While I have lot of friends & a great daughter (love them all)
I wish for a real love this year
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22. Dec 2019, 16:09

I wish that everyone believes in "dreams come true" so that everyone gets what they dream.
I wish that this game may last a lifetime for everyone and that lots more of people can connect with each other as we do now.
I wish that time would go a little slower but growing magoians plants would go a little faster….. And I wish that we all will be a bit more content with what we have - So forget the plants growing faster - it is OK as it is.
Life is perfect and Magoia is a perfect game.

But please all dream pleasant dreams!
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22. Dec 2019, 16:27

i would be very selfish with my wish..... this youngest son finally moved down to AZ from new england. my oldest still lives there. he is miserable but won't move because his girlfriend does not want to leave the area her family lives in. he is having a hard time financially, he has bad luck with jobs, and he is one wish would be to have him also move down here to AZ where i believe with all my heart he would be happier and much more stable.

ok and a million dollars :D
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22. Dec 2019, 16:56

my wish for real life is happiness and health to my family and friends
my magoia wish is to have fun and grow
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22. Dec 2019, 18:10

My wish is for love,happiness, health and financial stability for all family and friends across the globe.
Magoia wish- another way to earn hearts.
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22. Dec 2019, 22:41

I wish the whole world to take the time to live.
To live in wonder with a child, to reach out to someone in need,
to live a very simple moment with someone you love,
to simply live each present moment as if it were the last and to smile.
A smile costs nothing but is so precious for the one who receives it
and who knows could bring a balm on a moment of discouragement
and change a life.
So a smile and time to enjoy life for everyone ... here is my wish :)
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23. Dec 2019, 00:21

A wish for real life is that everyone is healthy, safe and happy all through the year :)
Magoian wish triple harvests one week every month :lol:
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23. Dec 2019, 00:29

I wish for my loved ones to stay healthy and happy. As for Magoia, I wish for some other way to win/earn hearts
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23. Dec 2019, 03:40

My wish, like most, is for my family and close friends to find happiness and prosperity. This year was a difficult one for many of us and I really hope that it is behind us and happiness and health lies ahead. Also, winning the lotto so I could help all of them would be wonderful as well! :D

For Magoia, I hope that the friends I have met here have a wonderful year and do well in the game! I would also like to see several other peoples wishes come true, like for more land and alternate ways to earn hearts.
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23. Dec 2019, 10:33

i wish I could get more rest