Christmas Day 24 - guess...

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24. Dec 2019, 09:31

O, ho ho - it's the Final Countdown, already ... now, only hours remain
Are we getting ready? ... Are the reindeers fed well for the trip, Mrs Claus? ... What are we having, here? . . .

-Well, for the Big Christmas Eve we are having the 'Who Am I' guessing-game!

-Right! And, so it is:
Who Am I ?? - Guessing Game in which ONLY Christmas Characters, OR Magoia characters are allowed.

Every player tries solving the previous, and gives 3 Clues for the next player, and so on, so on ...

Please, Note:
--> it is OK to suggest the same character if different clues are given
--> it is Not OK to copy / paste


To get us started: ....
1- Loves wearing Red, 2- is married, 3- Animal-lover

For your convenience, here is the Google Translate link
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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24. Dec 2019, 10:26

I guess it's Santa Claus :)

Clues for the next character:
1. Has a broom. 2. Wears a hat. 3. Can visit Magoia and interacts with players only one day in a week.
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24. Dec 2019, 10:30

I think Moana
I'm very laid back, I visit gardens twice a week and love chewing on straw (I think) :lol: who am I?
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24. Dec 2019, 10:37


I guess that's the Gardener

For Next:
1- Good looking girl, 2- nurturing, 3- wears light blue
Just saying!
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24. Dec 2019, 11:43

I guess it's Java (hope I'm right lol)

1 - she is wearing a hat with lily on it, 2 - she can tell you lots of stories 3 - she has three companions.
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24. Dec 2019, 11:57

Think it is Lara

I'm blue. 2 horns on my head and one on my nose. Java found me,
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24. Dec 2019, 12:01

My Guess is Faolin

I only come alive when it snows,
I wear a magic hat
My nose is usually a carrot.
(Forgetmenot) Live in the Present, Remember the Past, and Fear not the Future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only NOW . . .Saphira
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24. Dec 2019, 13:06

frosty the snowman

1)we all have 4 legs
2) we are tiny
3) we have antlers
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24. Dec 2019, 14:57

The Reindeer!!

I'm short, I make presents, and Ms. Claus brings us hot chocolate & cookies
Williawc, calls out, "Where are you??!!
Nita1 whispers, "I'm in the garden..." and it echoes forever
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24. Dec 2019, 15:45


This man is not keen on Christmas and tries to ruin it. His family name is sort of the icing on the cake.