Christmas Day 25th

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25. Dec 2019, 11:00

Merry Christmas
We've finally reached our destination :lol:
You are all wished a peaceful, happy day from everyone at Magoia :D
This is the last game of our 2019 Christmas countdown
We hope you all enjoyed playing our games, as much as we enjoyed making them
and so
Today is design a Magoian Christmas card :D
Describe what would be on the front
Have fun, let your imagination go :P
Game will run for 48hrs
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My Christmas card, would be shaped like the wheel of fortune tent,
it would be coloured with dye from blue lampions and Farmer would be dressed up like Santa Claus, pushing a wheel barrow overflowing with gifts, decorated with glitter shell paper, magoian snowflakes falling all around, and at the top it would say
Ho Ho Ho :lol:
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25. Dec 2019, 12:44

My Magoia-Christmas Card will have:

Front page- A sleigh on which the whole Magoia Crew will be on, and Dragons -All Dragons- will be carrying it, merrily and flyingly, all around! [crew will have seatbelts on] :P ;) :lol: (its background is from a Star-Cloud Garden, yet to come! And, all in white shining and sparkling!)!

inside- The Card's background will feature, of course, Magoia's in-game Main Page, with all the gardens - plus some more that are yet to come!!!
With big shiny bold letters will be the Magoia-Wishes printed on top of it, and throught the mid-to-upper part of the Card, left-to-right, all over!

Back part- now, turning the card, in the back will be all that have come to pass, and we are leaving behind as the New Year is soon Approaching!

Happy Season's Greetings & Wishes
Just saying!
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25. Dec 2019, 15:18

Oh, mine is a simple card

Front is a blue poinsettia (s), maybe trimmed in gold flakes, no writing
In an elegant font, the inside says, "Wishing You the Very Best of What the Season Has to Offer and for a Wonderful New Year"
Williawc, calls out, "Where are you??!!
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mine would have on the front a picture of the tribal tree all decked out with ornaments made to look like various flowers: red lampoon, dew swirl, moonflower, light cap, etc. under the tree would be presents galore for all my friends and admin and devs. the various npcs would be dressed in their christmas finery and would be sitting around with cups of hot chocolate.

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the front of the card would have snow and colored snowflakes like the event. a dark rich royal blue for the main color with light stars decorating the sky. a tree with moonmice in the limbs would be on the right, gifts of energy and lilies inside would be wrapped up. little stockings will be hung on the end of the limbs full of brews and potions. some of the gifts will be labeled for hornmoles, spiders, bats, etc. because maybe with the celebration they just might turn their back on the dark and embrace the light once again.
the dragons will be dressed as elves drinking hot cider from a fire grail. Lara and the Gardener would dress up as Mr and Mrs Claus while the shaman and warrior would be elves holding presents. Faolan would sport a red nose and some antlers and sit in a sleigh on the left side of the card.
inside the card would say
Wishing you the most wonderful holiday, full of joy, cheer, love, smiles, and laughter.
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25. Dec 2019, 19:18

My card would be shaped like a dragon with a santa hat carrying a bag of gifts.
On the inside it would say , Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true.
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My Christmas Card

Front page - top 1/4 would be dark blue with sparkling stars and a silver moon. The rest of the page would be hills, trees and grass all covered in snow glitter sprinkled every where to represent falling now. There will be a house in the picture, with all the characters of Magoia dressed as Santa's singing Christmas Carols.

Second page - would be white background with all the red, gold and green flowers of Magoia sprinkled across it.

Third page - would be the same as page 2, but printed across it in silver would be the words
At this seasonal time of year Magoia wishes everyone peace, harmony and love.

4th page - card created by meme
printed and distributed by Magoia
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25. Dec 2019, 22:02

A simple star, made from snowflakes in front of the two moons of Magoia.
Inside peace and goodwill to all
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My Christmas Card would be shaped like the Crystal Tree for this season (as we can see it in the Inventory, the third type of crystal trees), with a big star on top and little stars and water lilies on its branches.
On the third page, when open, it will be this message: If Christmas love and happiness were snowflakes, I'd wish you a blizzard's worth of them this year. Merry Christmas!
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25. Dec 2019, 22:34