Christmas Day 25th

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26. Dec 2019, 02:52

design a Magoia card...

the front would have the lil dragons as babies and would say "Our thanks to everyone, for a special Magoia day, enjoy and have the most fun ever"

it would be an icy blue with shimmery powder and have all the magoia flowers in the region
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26. Dec 2019, 03:21

My Christmas card would be made up of all the characters of Magoia singing Christmas
with a song book in hand and a Christmas cap on their head as well as a dragon flying
in the sky above the tree decorated with lights and Christmas balls under the tree full of gifts are placed there.
Inside, a very big Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 is inscribed
and Health, peace, joy, Love for all. With lots of sparkling stars.
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26. Dec 2019, 10:09

My Magoia Christmas Card would be decorated with a snow covered Crystal tree decorated with fragile frost flowers and little Fire Bell Garland .
Above it would be a slightly cloud covered full moon shinning down to light the tree.
Around the bottom of the tree would be all the amazing small critters who live in Magoia, joined by hands and wings and paws and horns.
When opened, there would be a border of Light Drops, and within the border it would say : May the magic and joy of Magoia send blessings to you and yours on this most holy day, and every day hereafter!
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26. Dec 2019, 17:48

My Christmas card would have the tribal tree on the front decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. There would be presents under it, and several dragons with Christmas hats flying around it and it would say Merry Christmas on top.
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27. Dec 2019, 01:48

My christmas card would be a circular with red lampions all around the outer circle with yellow lampions filling in the center, and looking out from the bed of yellow would be cuddles wearing his lovely little smile with the words have a purrfect christmas underneath him in a semi circle :lol:
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27. Dec 2019, 09:46

Game Closed
Thank you all for playing :P
I love the cards :D
Prize of 15 Pear Horn have been delivered :lol: