Warm up to 2020

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28. Dec 2019, 09:52

Just as we start to get back into a normal routine
along comes the end of the year :lol:
In this game tell us what your 2020 New Year's Resolution will be, is it a resolution you have made before and do you think you'll keep it? :lol:
Game will run for 48hrs
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To get us started my New Year's Resolution for 2020 will be to do more exercise, yes I've made this resolution before and I lasted about two months then the wind, ice and rain put me off :lol: I will try harder promise ;)
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Ummmm ok, My New Year's resolution is to get a promotion lol I'm already working on it but it will take time and effort :)
Also, to lose some weight..dunno which will come true first :D :D :D
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I don't make new years resolutios. I do think about it...it will be good to get in shape, walk more, play games less, ect... but I don't like the pressure.
So next year I will do the best I can with no regrets =)
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I will trie to make my life more balanced. I want to do all things in life at a normal speed....
And the line from Andreja I'm gonna steal; 'So next year I will do the best I can with no regrets ='
and I will add to that all effortless. Not that I don't want to try but that it will become a second nature...
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28. Dec 2019, 11:30

My New Years Resolution is to not procrastinate with different things,
and get back to drawing again as it is something I really like to do.
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I couldn't agree more to most of the previous posts ...

My Magoia New Year's resolutions are:
Cloud Garden; getting all or most trees at least once; ennobling them as much as possible; producing at least 15-20 Dragons per week! (or, more? ... LOL
Getting the Honey Garden; Getting the Root Garden;
Getting New Gardens!!! :) 8-) :!: :!: :!: :roll: ;) :P
oops - forgot the Tree Garden ... Clean-Up the Tree Garden, too :lol: :P :o

As for my Real-Life ...
I abstain from anything that may cause extra stress - concern - disappointment
so, I avoid resolutions per se ;)
I do like Wishes, though - so, for the coming times I wish Freedom, Real-Freedom - Truth - Love - Laughing + Joy
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Just saying!
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Like others I don't make New Years's resolutions ...

But I definitely have a need to be more organised, tidy up more and dispose of things that are no longer needed!
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i also do not make resolutions. each year i try to just make my life better. i think that is the the way that every DAY should be.
if i am unhappy, i turn my back on things or people that are the root of my unhappiness no matter the pain it will initially cause.
if i am feeling out of shape, i will do things that will make me active. this also relieves depression.
if i feel i do not have enough alone time i will shut things down, turn things off, and have silence... and i revel in that
if i feel i have not been good enough to myself, i will allow myself an indulgence, be it a bubble bath, a new outfit, or a day where i do nothing at all

if i am unhappy in my own life, because of choices i have made or people i keep around me, then i am at fault for my unhappiness. we were not put on this world to be that way, so i try to live my life in the best way possible, and the beginning of a calendar year is not what spurs me to do so. the beginning of things not feeling right does that :) <3
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Tell us what your 2020 New Year's Resolution will be, is it a resolution you have made before and do you think you'll keep it?

- I resolve to learn to like mushrooms. I was able to teach myself to like pickles, though it took several years, so I think I'll keep it, but it might take a while.
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i also do not make resolutions, getting older in life so i just try to do better each year, lately i have been downsizing things in our home, my goal is to empty the rest of my moms room since she passed in 2014. that has been a hard thing to do but i did get a lil over 1/2 empty this past yr. i give family what i think they may like but most dont want any so i donate some as well. same with our family room. we have so much we are trying to make our lives a lil easier by having less to take care of have a wonderful new year