Warm up to 2020

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Summer Bell sweety
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28. Dec 2019, 18:33

New year's resolution is to buy myself a vehicle..... :D
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28. Dec 2019, 19:09

I don't do resolutions - no disappointment that way
But I do set realistic goals

1) I have got everything for a 500 gallon rain water catchment (yes!)
- get it set up before the spring rains (half way there already)
- triple the size of the veggie garden
- stop hauling water

2) I have 12 fruit/nut trees on order, they will be here the end of Feb
- Get their "holes" dug
- get them planted
- start hauling water
- plan/build a gazebo & start catching rain water (might not get here)

3) Start the herb garden

4) Start the flower garden

5) wildflower the "scar" left by the power company clean up

Yea that will keep me busy until next fall!!
Check out the progress on You Tube - "A Time-Peace Garden"
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28. Dec 2019, 20:06

I have given up on New Year's Eve for the New Year, if I want to do something I do it, but not because I made a New Year's promise to myself. It has never worked for me before.
But I wish everyone who has something to do on New Year's Eve that they will be able to keep it and keep it up in 2020.
On the way from school to today, much of my english has been lost, sorry .....
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28. Dec 2019, 21:11

I already made this resolution last year and it's a good start.
So, this year, I take up this same resolution to take care of myself.
Last year, I quit smoking and lower my blood sugar (it went from 24 to 9)
without medication, just taking care of me. it's not always easy but it's worth it. :D
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28. Dec 2019, 21:31

Losing some weight, like every past New Year resolution :D Taking into consideration the results, maybe I should be thinking about gaining some weight :D
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28. Dec 2019, 23:57

I don't make resolutions, but I will strive to be a better me.
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29. Dec 2019, 00:20

By 2020 I wish to be wiser and better. I also want to be more careful with my health that I neglected.
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29. Dec 2019, 01:02

oh dear so many to choose from, do I pick on I think I can achieve or do I pick one that stretches me lol,

ok I will go with losing more weight and more exercise. I did manage to lose weight last year and do more exercise. But I did not lose enough weight or do enough exercise so I need to do better in 2020
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Stormöga 1
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29. Dec 2019, 09:20

In Sweden we have theese new years promises. I Think it is oversized and demanding, I don´t like it. :roll:
But of course some goals is good. Until next summer (2020) I hope that I will have some costumers and clients to my Project. The next thing is to do less time behind the computor and playing less games. :lol:
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29. Dec 2019, 19:54

Like many others, I do not do new years resolutions. They put a lot of pressure on you to achieve something you should try to do for yourself on a regular basis. I am always trying to eat healthier and lose weight, I will keep trying to get out and exercise more ( this game does not help that part! haha). My big goal for this year is to finally achieve my long time dream of getting out of the cold mid-east and finally migrate southwest! Convincing my guy is the really hard part ... so step one is starting with a trip there in mid January to show him how lovely it is! :D