Warm up to 2020

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29. Dec 2019, 20:46

like many others this is not a resolution for the new year, but a plan. Start with clearing out all the candy, cookies, and treats that the holidays produce. Next to Focus! on adding more exercise to my week, and yes, loose weight, I use a vegan diet with no processed fats or added sugars, And most importantly get a Job! :D
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29. Dec 2019, 20:53

No resolutions just a happy new year for everybody!

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I decided this in the year 2020 not to make the same resolution I did last year because I couldn't keep it and that was to lose weight in stead I gained. But this year I'm going to try to be more organized like clean out my kitchen cabinets of all sweets that aren't good me and also put weight one and try to start to eat healthy if that's possible I live in a senior independent resident and the food here isn't to healthy. I will be getting more walking in because I'm fostering a dog for the time beening so that's how I will be getting my exercise in.

in Magoia I will be upgrading my gardens I do have and than open up new ones and improve sending out more dragons.
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As long as God is willing we will be Grand parents for the second time this year. I had bought material to make my grandson a quilt but Mom kept changing his room decor so I never had time to get into anything for him. The fabric is bought. his room is now going to be dinosaurs, so I am looking for a pattern for a dinosaur quilt. The new little one will have a nature theme. We will find out what it will be when it is born, so a nature theme is good as I won't need a ton of pinks and blues.
My resolution is to get those quilts done this year before Mom changes her mind again. lol!
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I stopped making resolutions a long time ago but this year I will revive it and my resolution is I am going to do more handcrafts, I used to but somehow everything fell by the wayside except knitting, this year I am going to try and finish all my ufo's and complete some projects I have wanted to do for a while :)
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Thank you all for playing :D
We wish you all success, in all your endeavours throughout 2020
Prize of 500 bracelets have been delivered :lol: