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1. Jan 2020, 09:45

New Year is here!!! Yeah!!!

Happy New Year 2020 !!!

Today, and for the next 2 days, we'd like you to share with us anything that is related to the New Year's Days
be it a story, a memory, an experience, or a custom, a family-habit, or a tradition of your home-country,
or, anything else whatsoever that you have liked or find noteworthy for sharing

then please leave a New Year wish for the person that will come after you,
as if you are really making a wish to an unknown Deity!

At the end of the 48 hours a tiny Secret will be revealed to you!!

Stay tuned!

Have Fun & Enjoy!!!

Game lasts 48 hours

In the case it is needed here is the Google-Translate link to have handy:

To get us started :

My wish to the coming unknown Deity:
2020 blessings to be showering throughout your life all this new year!
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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1. Jan 2020, 10:31

since I was a little girl ...
we celebrate the new year with a family dinner
and play board games all evening with new year songs in the Quebec repertoire in the background.
We have a lot pleasure :lol:

My wish is: That the person who follows keeps his health, receives a lot of love
and that his life path is filled with light throughout the year for him and his family.
Happy New Year !!!
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1. Jan 2020, 10:40

Thank you Saphira, same to you and your beloved ones!

I think there is nothing quite unique in the way I celebrate the New Year Eve - meeting with friends in a nice environment - a restaurant or one of us home, with good fresh food and good old music (the best :)), having a nice conversation and enjoying the fireworks at midnight. If the Christmas and the Easter are traditionally celebrated with family members, the New Year Eve is reserved for good friends.

Wish for the next player:

Wishing you a year full of good luck and good health. May your life be blessed with peace and prosperity in the new year and all the years to follow. Happy new year!
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1. Jan 2020, 11:11

Lentils are eaten not only in Italy for New Year, in Germany it is also customary to serve lentil soup on the first day of the year. Since people celebrate exuberantly at the New Year's Eve party and some have beaten something, this is more than understandable. But this custom has a different meaning. Rather, the lenses should fill the purse's wallet with as much small change as possible. The more lentil soup you eat, the bigger the money blessing will be in the new year. It is unknown where this custom came from, but it is believed that it is due to the shape of the lenses, which look like small coins.

Wish for the next player:

For the following player, the 7 gods of luck will moor with their ship and have the following for the new year: wisdom, knowledge, experience, scholarship, bravery, prosperity and long life and happiness and satisfaction.
On the way from school to today, much of my english has been lost, sorry .....
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1. Jan 2020, 13:59

New Years eve is my sisters birthday, but for the last 30 years new years day has been the day we visited my husbands parents with 'Christmas' from 10am to 2pm, then a birthday tea when his sister and family came around for the afternoon!
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Angele' Lee
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1. Jan 2020, 15:19

On new years eve my family and I set off fireworks all night until midnight. Then at midnight we start the new year with hugs and kisses for each other.

I hope everyone will take a moment to see and appreciate all the good things that we all have in life. Theres no better way to start a new year then starting it with love and family.
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1. Jan 2020, 15:58

Happy New Year, 2020 !!!

And thank you Angele' Lee!! it is so indeed!!!

As for me, New Year is highly celebrated in my country, at my home & in my heart+understanding ;)

At New Year's Eve in the morning there are carols usu from children going in groups around the houses in the neighbourhood, family's homes, etc.
Then, last minute's shopping presents-foods-drinks. Lots of contacts for wishing!

Then, in the evening all gather for dinner in i.e. the parents' house, eat well + drink, play cards or other such NY-Lucky games, and wait for the midnight. At midnight, rather a minute before, my dad would turn off all lights & darken the house, we'd do the Countdown until it was New Year, where all lights came back to Welcome the New Year, & we'd kiss-hug & wish everyone present. Then, exchange presents! Then, cut the New-Year-Pie where a special coin is hidden inside for good luck, and whoever got it was thought to have a lucky year. And, then play a little more cards, and the younger or, semi-younger adults would leave to continue the whole night with friends, drinking, playing cards, going to parties, and the like. It is very usual that the next day they're/we're still out ;)
New Year's day - we're sleeping late & having hang-overs, but the fiesta may continue in the evening since many parties are up again! Much food, much drink, lots of dance+songs, meeting friends - relatives, & celebrating.

For example, my 90-yr old mom did stay up last night for eating, socializing, for the cutting of NY-pie, and 'changing the year' as we'd say :)
:D :) :o :!: :lol:

My wish:
I grant trhat 2020 of your Best wishes Come True in due time this year!
Just saying!
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1. Jan 2020, 16:45

Thank you Paizw!
I trust that every day will be a happy day.
I believe in creating with thoughts - I'm thinking possitive and all I need is coming my way and more very nice things….

We are with friends and play board games - Always a lot of fun

For the next:
I wish you possitivity!
That you may get all the help en possibilities you need in life to live the best life you can live.
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1. Jan 2020, 17:04

one of the most fun New Year's eve's i ever had was with an ex boyfriend. He and his brother would always wear some kind of funny hat and go bar hopping in Boston. i put on a giant fuzzy tophat with polka dots and we walked the streets of Boston, getting into bars whenever we could (they were packed to the hilt). At midnight there were fireworks in the city.
It was bitter freezing cold, but it was a fun time!

for the next player, wishing you good fortune and health, love and happiness throughout the year. and may 2021 be even better !!!!
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1. Jan 2020, 17:36

On New Years Day we would all get together for a dinner of pork loan, sourgrate and dumplings. It's old German dish that my mom's family brought with them when they came over here. Please forgive my spelling but I don't know how the spell some of those words.
Happy new year for the next person that follows me.
I hope i'm doing this right.