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The plow is a custom that all Romanians practice to celebrate the New Year. Even though the plow is primarily an agrarian custom and only then a carol, it has deep roots in the native spirituality. In the carol, theatrical elements are also encountered, while the main subject is all the work done to obtain the bread of all days. Next to Sorcova, Plowshares is one of the most important carols that Romanians practice during the winter holidays.

For the next player:

I wish you a year full of personal and professional achievements!
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Thank you sylvannaro :)
In my house on New Years eve my family love to bring in the new year by taking a walk in our local park while watching the fire works. It is lovely to meet and greet our neighbours and bring in the New year with all our friends around, we then walk home and have hot chocolate and chat away the first couple of hours of the new year...
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Happy New Year Sha!

We used to stay up with family and put a large puzzle together as a group. Talking and of course, eating. It is still a time to contact each other and visit if we can. Still looking to create a new tradition with my smaller family, Well, other than going to bed early!

May the new year be Happy and Healthy!
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thank you :)

as a child til my mom got remarried she would always have pickled herring and mogan david wine for new years eve. she would let us stay up til midnite and have a lil bit of both. i miss those childhood days will always be cherished

my wish for the next beautiful person for the coming year, is for you to have happiness and health and wonderful memories of the year to come
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Dinner of pork loin, rice, black-eye peas and greens.
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Our family likes to bring in the new year by watching a movie and eating finger snacks for dinner. like just a whole bunch of appetizers, we usually make mini pigs in a blanket (little hot dogs wrapped in dough and cooked) and have cheese and crackers and all sorts of things.

My wish for the next person is to be at peace with themselves and others this year.
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When my children were young we would have finger food and snacks for the evening meal. The kids were allowed to stay up to see the ball drop and we would have fresh seafood for our dinner time on New Year's Day. My kids are grown now and live on their own, but my husband and I still like to have our seafood meal and once in a while we both stay awake to see the ball drop. :D

My wish for whoever follows: Wishing you a year that is the best yet, good health, happiness, and the ability to start each day with a song in your heart!
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I grew up in Las Vegas. What a party!!
When my daughter turned 21, I took her to the Party. The Strip is closed to traffic, by foot only & its packed. At 1200 the fireworks start at one end moving down the street. We had a blast

As we move into this new start, blessing be upon you and your family for the year ahead. May greatness happen and your wishes come true.
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Nothing really special, but New Year is celebrated either with family or with friends. Mostly I celebrate with friends, we have a tradition of spending NY by the lake, it is amazing to stare at stary sky and the launching fireworks :)
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A few friends come to my home and we chat, watch tv, eat, drink and before midnight we go outside to watch new years fireworks. After it we run back home to warm ourself and usualy end our gathering with music and singing.

Thank you for your wishes williawc

To the next one here I wish you and all around you to have the best year ever and to be happy, healthy and satesfied.