The Event Site

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The Event Site

Postby Aramina » 10. Apr 2018, 16:28

The Event Site


The event site offers various activities that are available regularly and irregularly.

First, there is the monster you will have to defeat to enter.

Activities that can be used are marked with small icons on the event site:

Clicking on the place of the event leads directly to the quest givers:

The Grandmother

The grandmother tells you stories, but the way to the place is difficult and as grandmother is wise and malignant, she will ask you for some plants. If you have them in stock, you can use the "Help" button to give the plants to the grandmother and you can read part of the story.

And since you have been wise, and have read the whole story, she will even give you a reward.

Overall, the grandmother has 8 stories to tell from the chronicle. If you have heard a story, the old lady needs a break of a week before asking for new plants and telling another story.

The unicorn lion cub

This adorable little lion cub needs his daily caresses. It is only when he has had enough hugs that he will be in a good mood and he will have a small gift for you.
By clicking once on him you will give him a hug, then a second and a third click and already the tears are erased and his eyes shine again with joy.

One last click to access the reward window:

There are 7 different rewards, for each day you log in to the game you can grab a bag. The current reward is marked with an arrow. With a click on the bag, you will also receive the gifts.
If you have received the awards for seven days in a row, you start again with the first bag.
If you can not take care of the lion cub, and give him hugs for a day, you will automatically be sent back to the first day.

The shadow monster

Has not been active yet.

The gardener

From time to time, there is a special event here.
Obviously, the quest is adapted to the level of each player.


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