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The World Tree Blossom on the regular game worlds

Here you will find all the important and interesting information about the World Tree Blossom event.
If you want to know more about a certain topic, just click on the corresponding item in the following list to get to that entry - or just read through everything at your leisure.

Are you interested in the story about the World Tree Blossom? You can find it in the quote boxes.
Java and Faolan turn around the last bend in the path, their field of vision widens and down there in the valley, probably an hour's walk away, they see their destination:
With gnarled, twisted roots, the world tree burrows into the depths of the rocks; the mighty trunk could probably not be encompassed by even a dozen tribal siblings. The sturdy branches that branch off from it bear countless leaves and provide a home for more little animals than even Java could name. Directly between the two largest roots the "first spring" wells up, which supplies the tree with its life-giving water - or is it the other way around and it feeds from within the tree? Would the shamans ever be able to solve this riddle?
A crackling glow surrounds the tree, violet flashes of light testify to the powerful magic inherent in this place.
Faolan feels the waves of energy flowing over his scales, a pleasant shiver runs down his spine and Java smirks. Every time they come here, Faolan sinks deep into the spell of the World Tree.

She feels it, too. The tree's struggle against the shadow that wants to take hold of it... and how it gathers strength from the tribal trees. Each healed tribal tree strengthens the tree here in the centre of the world. Yes, she can feel how the power of magic builds up and pulsates. It won't be long before the tree pushes back the shadow once more.

But today, something is different. A faintly vibrating light green line of energy weaves around the branches.
"Faolan, do you see that, too?", Java touches her friend briefly on the shoulder.
Faolan tilts his head slightly, his eyes become narrow slits, his nostrils are wide open as he goes into rapport with the energy of the tree.
A brief moment later he his eyes are bulging, a surprised flame erupts and scorches a few hairs on Java's arm.
"Ooh!", is all he can say. "Ooooh!!!"

"What?", Java yips. Yes, everyone knows that dragons are by no means pet animals, but that was a closer miss than she would have liked. She rubs her arm to brush off the charred, frizzy hair and gives Faolan an unamused look.
"The tree...", Faolan puts in, stumbling over his words, "the tree - it wants to blossom!"

Have fun with this new event!
Your Magoia Team

Posts in this FAQ thread were created by ~Shaya~ (de) and Allison
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A common goal, a collective effort

After enough tribal trees have been healed in a world, the world tree has gathered enough strength to ward off the shadow.
Now something wonderful happens: you can make the world tree blossom!

The World Tree needs a certain amount of buds to blossom This amount depends on the average of daily active Magoians in the days before the start of the event.
As soon as the players on your world have strengthened the world tree by healing enough of their own trees, you will receive an info screen that tells you when the special world blossom tree event starts:

Here is an example:

If a moon event were to take place during the collection phase of the event, the World Tree Blossom would only begin afterwards. Otherwise, it would be difficult with having to cultivate moon plants that are not assigned to any element simultaneously to the element plants for the world tree blossom.

All players help together to collect buds for this common goal. You do this by completing tasks.
With each completed task, you contribute with a bud.

This event is not about competing on who is better. The focus is on the strength of the community, so there are no rankings for the event.
If you are playing actively, you will be able to complete the tasks "on the side" without very little effort, while pursuing your current other game goals.

In this event, it is your actual "effort" that counts. Bonuses from element points, upgraded gardens, season pass or growing time shortening by moon mice have no influence, because the ACTUAL growing time of the plants in the gardens is counted as opposed to harvesting a certain amount of plants.
The benefit of these bonuses and shortenings is solely that you have more crops to use for your regular game objectives.

Here you can find the menu:
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Java is chewing the end of her brush. In her mind she is still re-living the moment of the exciting discovery she and Faolan made at the World Tree.
Over the past few days, she has put herself in a trance several times to grasp what exactly is happening to the World Tree. Faolan and a few of his friends were able to sense what was going on, but to understand the exact mode of action would require a shaman... and perhaps also a master of numbers? Should she confide in Galernikus?

This much is already clear: in order to blossom, the tree needs a lot of growth energy. Its roots reach deep into the heart of Magoia and they are connected to everything that is alive. No doubt about it, therein must lie the secret. Just... how exactly?
She sighs - of course everyone wants to help the tree, but how is that supposed to happen. Trying blindly will certainly not make the tender buds blossom!

This needs everyone's help, not just a handful of dragons.
At this thought, she feels a warm breeze that settles over her shoulders like a blanket. Yes, this must be it. Let everyone help!
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Timing of the event

The event spans 11 days (=11 x 24h).
The first 7 days are the phase in which you have time to collect the necessary amount of buds. If you succeed, the reward phase will start, which will last until the end of the eleventh day (i.e. at least 96 hours guaranteed).
If you succeed in getting the world tree to blossom earlier, the reward phase begins at that moment and lasts longer accordingly.

It starts at 15:00 (3:00pm) server time - new tasks are set every day at 15:00 (3:00pm) - and the +1 yield phase also ends at 15:00 (3:00pm).
wbb fillbar.png
wbb fillbar.png (76.63 KiB) Viewed 12535 times
The progress bar of the event menu lets you know some important information:
  • Golden pointer at the top: this is how much time has already elapsed at the event - each dividing mark indicates a 24h-interval; so in the example, just 2 days of the event have elapsed.
  • Coloured filling, number display below: Progress of the collected buds - on our test server already almost full.
  • Comparison of pointer and filling: Estimation of how promising the event is progressing on your game world. If the filling is more advanced than the pointer, it looks good ;) Remember that collecting buds will not progressing as even as time.
  • Right end: Indicates until when the extra yield will be in effect after the event is completed.
A stack of parchments piles up in front of Java. Bit by bit she understands how the World Tree and the growth energy of all living things are connected. Some kind of elemental tides are at work here, and they change on a daily basis.
Every day the world tree "vibrates" in sync with two of the four elements and it can draw energy for itself from them. All growth from plants of these elements flows to the World Tree - and every bud collected from all Magoians causes another bud to swell on the tree, ready to blossom.

Java's thoughts are whirling, her head is spinning. These connections are unfamiliar to her. Should she should take it upon herself to disturb Galernicus after all...?
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The daily tasks
Hesitantly, Java ist standing outside the door of Galernicus' hut. Should she or should she not? Once again, she does some soul-searching and tunes into the magical currents. No, there is no doubt, the signs are clear as water from the 'first spring'!
She takes a deep breath and braces herself inwardly. Shoulders squared, she nods to herself once more. Five times she bangs her fist on the door, steps back and listens for the footsteps from within. Grumpy murmurs approach the door, which opens a moment later.
Galernicus scowls at her, she is interfering with his latest calculations on more comet worlds. But today, Java will not be fobbed off or distracted. Resolutely, she steps past him through the door and crosses the room. She plops her stack of parchments in the middle of his calculating table and ignores his protest.

"So", she exclaims, turning to the stunned astronomer. "You're the one who can calculate everything. I need you NOW for something more pressing than your planetary orbits. I need to figure out how to make the World Tree bloom."

Galernicus' mouth drops open. He has never seen Java like this before. And Galernicus being speechless truly doesn't happen very often....
But after the first few sentences of Java's explanation, he, too, is captivated by the task and buries his nose deep into her parchments.

"Mhm, yes, that makes sense... sure, elemental energy only ever accumulates when the tides of the elements match... how fascinating!"
Every day at 15:00 (3:00pm) at the start of Day 1 to Day 7, the World Tree asks for two new elements. At this time, all players will receive two new free tasks about those elements, regardless of the status of the previous day's tasks. If a task is not yet completed, it expires.

The required elements apply equally to all players for 24h..
If, for example, water and fire are chosen, each player is given these two elements as daily tasks.
wbb einzelaufgaben.png
wbb einzelaufgaben.png (217.98 KiB) Viewed 12535 times
The requirement for each player depends solely on the number of garden tiles that are available. Someone who has only a few garden tiles available receives a lower requirement than someone with a lot of garden space. The garden tiles of the four regular gardens and the volcano garden are included in the requirement; the tree garden and sky garden are not included. However, the growth energy from the sky garden counts towards the completion of the tasks.
The two tasks together always take the same amount of time (for the duration of the event and for all players). All players are therefore on an equal footing here.
Depending on the needs of the world tree, the tasks can have a weighting between 40%/60% and 60%/40% - this weighting is also the same for all players.

Total requirement for each player: "Total garden tiles" x 4h.
Player has a total of 305 garden tiles available in Water Garden, Rock Garden, Honey Garden, Root Garden and Volcano Garden.
Elements in demand: Fire and Wind
Weighting is randomly selected to 42% and 58%.
=> Requirements: Fire - 305 x 4 x 0.42 = 512h 24min / Wind - 305 x 4 x 0.58 =707 h 36min

When harvesting plants, you send their growth energy to the world tree. However, only the duration since the "tide change", i.e. the start of the current elements, is calculated.
If, in the above example, fire plants have been growing in the garden since 12:00, only the growth time from 15:00 onwards is counted when harvesting them, as the world tree has only asked for fire since that time..

Once the time needed has been collected by harvesting your plants, a task can be completed. By doing so, you collect a bud for the world tree and also for your own event level. At the same time, a new round of this task type is started, which you can activate for a water lily fee. .
You can buy single repeat tasks immediately after completing a task to collect more buds.
Prices for new tasks: First purchase 10 water lilies, 2nd purchase 20 water lilies,.... etc. up to max. 50 water lilies.

If a task is completed, the event recalculates the number of garden tiles at that moment and adjusts the scope of the next task if necessary.

You can specifically complete several tasks in a row by harvesting only as many plants as you need to collect the time nieeded and bringing in the rest of your fully grown plants in a repeat task. In any case, the growth time of these plants from the start of the day element counts.
Expanding the example above:
If you have sown fire plants with a growth duration of 6h on all tiles at 3pm, you can go harvest at 9pm. First harvest 86 plants to complete the first task (86 x 6h = 516h) and finish it. Start the next task, harvest another 86 plants and hand in this task directly as well. And so on...

Important: grafted plants do not count towards the tasks, as they are not assigned to any element.
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This is how it pays off for you

With your collected buds you not only contribute to the overall goal, you also advance in your personal event level.
Similar to the Garden Championship, there are rewards for reaching a level:
Level reward - two pieces of a brewing product 2 levels above your current unlock level, which you receive immediately for your efforts.
Final Reward - a reward currency chosen for this event that you accumulate. It will only be distributed if the overall goal is reached and all players have collectively collected enough buds for the world tree to blossom. The collection currency may vary from time to time.
"Cosmical! That's the right word for it, yes!", states Galernicus.
"What's supposed to be comical about it, I think it's FANTASTIC!", Java retorts irritably. She is not in the mood for stupid jokes. Time is too short for that!
"Not comical, Java, but COSMIcal!", Galernicus giggles. "Don't hold that little astronomer joke against me. You've done some incredibly good groundwork there."
Java blushes a little. Partly out of embarrassment that she had misunderstood him, partly out of delight at his praise.

"So, if I understand correctly, with the right elements we can give the tree the energy to bud?", she assures herself again.
"Correct, my dear!", nods Galernicus. "And this extraordinary event unleashes unimagined powers. The all-encompassing connection of the World Tree to the entire world gives us, in addition to the buds, a great deal of... hm... I can't put my finger on it.... it could be flashes of energy, or a n influx of moon mice or something else. I'm afraid we'll have to wait and see. But I think we should have a celebration about it and offer the Magoians some more gifts."

"Good idea," Java agrees. "Do you have anything in particular in mind?"
"Well, I for one could use a restock of my supply of powders, potions and herbs," muses Galernicus with a wink.
"Hahaha, you sly old fox!" Java bursts into laughter. "But I have an idea, too: whoever has managed to collect 50 buds and bring them to me, I promise to grant them help in researching a plant. I'll donate half of the necessary products!"
Galernicus gets wide-eyed at these words. It is an unbelievable offer. Silently, he resolves to wield his own shovel, rake and scythe, too, again for once....
"Do you want to tell me why you are so generous suddenly?" he wants to know.
She shrugs her shoulders. "Well, I'd like to explore the blooms some more - who knows, probably I can concoct some remedy with them, or a scented potpourri..."
wbb level.png
wbb level.png (197.33 KiB) Viewed 12534 times
The bar on the left side of the menu shows you the number of buds (still) needed to reach the next level. At the bottom you will find the total number of buds you collected so far in this event.
The parchment paper contains a hint about what rewards are available for you / what you have already collected.

Necessary buds for reaching the levels and amount of the final reward:.
Level 1 - 1 bud (total 1) - 200 MM
Level 2 - 2 buds (total 3) - 300 MM (total 500)
Level 3 - 3 buds (total 6) - 400 MM (total 900)
Level 4 - 4 buds (total 10) - 500 MM (total 1400)
Level 5 - 5 buds (total 15) - 600 MM (total 2000)
Level 6 - 5 buds (total 20) - 1000 MM (total 3000)
Level 7 - 5 buds (total 25) - 1200 MM (total 4200)
Further levels - 5 buds each and another 1200 MM

For every full hour that the world tree blooms early, it adds a 1% bonus to the final reward.
The world tree blossoms 28 hours before the collection deadline and you have reached level 4:
=> 1400 x 1.28 = 1792 MM

As soon as you have accumulated 50 buds at some point (this does not have to happen in a single event run!), you can use them later in the game to halve the requirements for a plant unlock. This possibility will be shown to you during the unlocking process itself.
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The collective reward for your success

As soon as enough buds have been collected, the world tree blossoms!
All tasks still in progress thus expire, no more blossoms can be collected.
"Do you have any idea what happens to the World Tree when it blossoms?", Galernicus asks. He looks intently into Java's eyes.
"Well, not exactly", Java admits with a shrug.
Galernicus rolls his eyes. "I thought you were the shaman here...", he mutters grumpily.

"Excuse me?! After all, nothing like this has ever happened before, I can only speculate, too", she defends herself.
"I think we will celebrate its extraordinary flowering beauty. As for me, I'll be off to see it in person. It must be a wonderful sight to see the thousands of buds opening..."
Java gazes into space and smiles dreamily. Galernicus' reprovingly clicking tongue snaps her back to reality.
"I'm sorry, what's up with fruits? Yes well, of course... usually flowers grow into fruits later. If I understand it correctly, with the World Tree that means it will feed all its fertility back into the earth of Magoia and in this way will make our gardens more productive. But that's just my guess.... Thanks for your help, I've got to go if I still want to get all this written down for the Magoians!"
Abruptly, Java gathers her parchments and rushes through the door before Galernicus can even offer her another mug of Burning Swirl tea. Anyway, it gives her heartburn every time....
From this moment on, the reward phase begins:
  • The tribal trees bloom for 72 hours in a special colour, so you can actually see this bloom!
    Tribal trees that are affected by the shade are shown as wilted, after healing your tree, you can choose whether you want to see the world tree flower colour or one of the usual tribal tree flowers.
  • Extra yield applies from now on for all players of this game world until the specified end of this phase (11 days after the start of the event). So the earlier the world tree blooms, the longer the extra yield of the reward phase will last.
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