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As soon as you enter the hut on the island, you will find the backpack to the right of your avatar :


At the start, each player receives a one-off gift in their rucksack.

Special birthday present :

You have the option to voluntarily enter your birthday in your settings under the mask and save it there.
As soon as you have done this, you will receive a unique gift from Magoia in your backpack on your birthday.


If one of your friends has a birthday, you will recognise this by a gift pack on the respective avatar in your friends bar.

Offers in the backpack :
Each player receives 3 new offers every week, which are different for each player. You can find them at the bottom of the backpack
You can buy new tasks at any time if required (1st purchase 10 SR, 2nd 20 SR... up to a maximum of 60 SR from then on)


Backpack places :

Each player has 8 free places at the start. As soon as all free places are occupied, you can buy additional places for water lilies. The first place costs 20 SR, then always + 20 SR up to a maximum of 80 SR. You can buy as many places as you like.
If you buy offers but do not yet have the required free spaces, they will be displayed as such:


Sending and receiving gifts :

As soon as you receive a gift from a player, a backpack icon will appear on the island


A gift is then displayed in the backpack with a red ribbon until you click on it once. It is then displayed as a bonus:


You can use gifts from other players yourself or give them away.

If you want to use a bonus you have purchased or received as a gift yourself, click on it and confirm with the button : Activate


As soon as you have activated a bonus, it is highlighted in green in the rucksack:


If you would like to give away a bonus that you have purchased or received as a gift, enter the desired player name in the search field and confirm this with the button : Give away


You can activate as many bonuses as you like, but only one per effect.

Please note: Bonuses such as the growth time of plants or other time-reducing bonuses only apply to products that were planted or started AFTER the respective bonus was activated.

Special features of the bonus for multi-yield fields :

The bonus for donated or purchased extra yield fields can be used as desired and required. As soon as you have this bonus, you have this selection window in all gardens except the volcano garden


and can select the desired number of fields. This bonus remains active until you have activated the available number of extra yield fields in your selected gardens.

If you no longer have this bonus in your backpack or have used up the available number of fields, you will see this window :Volcano garden this selection window


Knuddel now has a different spell for you every week.
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