The inventory box

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The inventory box

In the inventory box, you will get all the information about the stock of your plants, the number of your trees, how many fruits are in stock at the moment, how many powders, potions, herbs and more.

Where is the inventory box?

The inventory box is in each of your gardens, brewery and dragon cave at the bottom right of the screen. The inventory box does not exist on the main island!

Click on the box to open the following menu:


How is the inventory area structured?

The bar at the top of the inventory area represents the tabs menu that will take you to the different subcategories of the inventory area.

Explanation of the different tabs

1st tab - Plants menu

The first tab opens a list of all the plants that can be unlocked and planted in the game.

- Sorting plants according to individual elements: fire, air, water, light.
By clicking a second time on the selected item, the selection can be cancelled and you return to the overview.

On each page you have 6 plants, arranged according to their level compared to the garden you use, here the aqua garden.
You have already unlocked the blue-edged plant here and the red-encircled plant still needs to be unlocked.

1st case: the plant is unlocked

Once the plant is unblocked, you can see in the inventory how many plants of this species you have right now.
By clicking on the plant, it opens on the right side a box of information, which tells you the number of experience points that the plant delivers during the harvest, for how long the plant is growing and what is the production of the plant.

Thanks to the "plant" button, you can select the plant and grow it in your garden.

2nd case The plant is not unlocked

There are three signs that a plant is not unlocked.
First, you have no stock, under the plant, there is marked "unlock" and there is a padlock.

With a click on the plant, in the details that appear on the right, you can see all that is needed to unlock it.

Attention: Please pay particular attention to the necessary garden level
In each respective garden, what is needed to unlock a plant, will be displayed. The plants in the different gardens each need the corresponding garden level.

Image If there is a green checkmark behind the required product, the required amount is in your possession.

Image If there is a cauldron image behind the required product, you can click this cauldron to enter the brewery to see what you need to do.

Image Behind the quantities of plants requested if there is a basket is that you do not have enough stock.

If you have all the necessary products and plants in sufficient quantity, you can unlock via the "Unlock" field.

At this moment, it opens the plant academy, then click on "research".


Please note that the plants are sorted according to the respective gardens. You will first find all the plants of the water garden (up to level 10 of the water garden), then all the plants of the rock garden (up to level 5 of the rock garden) and then all the plants from the honey garden.

Problem: I can not unlock a plant

1. Please check that you have already reached the required garden level. To unlock the different levels of the garden.
2. Please check if you can make all the necessary products in the brewery.
3. Please check if you can already plant all the plants needed to make the brewery product.

2nd tab at 4th tab - overview of brewery products

In the second tab, you can see a list of all the potions that can be made in the brewery.

Again, as for plants, sorting by elements is possible.

Potions are ranked according to their value. First, all Level 1 potions are listed, and on the last page, level 10 potions.


By clicking on one of the potions, an information window opens on the right side. Here you can see how much experience points is making a potion and how long the production time is.

Via the field "To the brewery", you enter the brewery to start manufacturing.

Inside each card, you can see how many potions you currently have in stock.

With the arrow in the middle of the overview, you can scroll through the menu.

The next two tabs for powders (3rd tab) and herbs (4th tab) work the same way.

5th tab - Fruit overview

In this tab, an overview of all types of fruits can be viewed.

Here are the 6 types of fruits you can harvest. In the overview of a variety of fruits the respective stock is also read here.

6th tab - Overview of fruit trees

In this menu, all the trees that can be purchased in the game are listed. As already mentioned, the purchase of fruit trees is only possible through the store for water lilies. The first tree, a small unicorn tree, is given to all players during the tutorial.

The trees are classified according to the degree of saturation of the fruit and their size. First, all the small trees in the overview, then the big ones. You can click the arrow in the middle of the page to change the page.

On this tab, you can see the number of trees in your possession (not yet planted in one of your gardens). Click on the box to open an information field on the right side. In this, you will learn the time of growth of the tree, here you can see how much experience points is making a potion and how long the production time is. and how much fruit you receive per harvest.

With the "plant" button you can install the tree in your garden.

Problem: How to move the tree on the ground (back to inventory)?

To move a tree in the field, you must first place it in your inventory at the time of harvest, then put it in the place you want.
This is only possible if the tree can be harvested.

7th tab - Event Plants

In this tab, you can see all the plants of current and past events.

Within an event, the appropriate event factory can be selected here for planting. The menu corresponds to the normal plants menu in the first tab, except that no event plants need to be unlocked beforehand.

You will receive them either directly at the beginning of the event or as a reward, after solving the task at the event venue.

8th tab - Plants of the Dragon

The list of dragon plants can be found in this tab.

In each individual box, you can see the number of dragon plants you have in stock. By clicking on a box, an information field opens on the right side.

Of course, dragon plants can also be grown. However, they do not give two other plants, but only experience points. However, the cultivated plant is not lost. After the harvest, she landed again in your stock.

Please keep in mind that the dragon plant culture can not be clicked by your friends because the dragon plants themselves do not produce any yield in the true sense.

9th tab - Puzzle pieces

The tab of the puzzle pieces is special, in the sense that you will find all the plants that you can cultivate.

Each time you have unlocked the 4 varieties of plants (air, water, fire, light) of each type, you will have unlocked the corresponding plant in this part.
The numbered tabs, on the left, allow to choose the level of the plant: gold, pyrya, tulya, lulya.

How to have puzzle pieces

You can get puzzle pieces at different events;
When your tree is sick and you look after it, you can get 8.
During the events of the moons (azure moon and red moon) you can get some too.
During special events (Christmas etc).
During events on the forum.

What to do with puzzle pieces?

You have two options, the most common is that you have to assemble 10 puzzle pieces to get a golden plant.
If in your ancestor grove, you have unlocked the "Ancestor Beam", (yellow tree) you can assemble 5 pieces of puzzle for a gold plant (for 2 days).

It is necessary :
4 gold plants of the same species to make 1 pyrya plant.
4 pyrya to make 1 tulya.
4 tulya to make 1 lulya.

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