TREES - Cultivation times, Yields, Ennobling

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Cultivation times and yields of trees

MagoiaTrees.png (126.79 KiB) Viewed 6287 times

Tree Ennoblements

2x Normal = 1x Gold
4x Normal = 2x Gold = 1x Pyria
8x Normal = 4x Gold = 2x Pyria = 1x Tulya
16x Normal = 8x Gold = 4x Pyria = 2x Tulya = 1x Lulya

Costs per refinement without ancestor grove bonus :
To Gold = 4500 Moon Mice
To Pyria = 4500 Moon Mice
To Tulya = 6000 Moon Mice
To Lulya = 8000 Moon Mice

Instructions for tree ennoblement

1. you need 2 identical trees (same size and type)
2. the trees must be in your inventory!
3. you need 4500 moon mice for each individual refinement into Gold or Pyria, if you're not having the ancestor grove bonus.
4. open your inventory and click on the tab with the tree symbol

Magoia Trees1.jpg
Magoia Trees1.jpg (31.68 KiB) Viewed 6287 times

5. click on the number I on the left for the gold refinement, the number II for Pyria and so on.

Magoia Trees2.png
Magoia Trees2.png (34.44 KiB) Viewed 6287 times

6. now choose the tree, which you would like to ennoble

7. When you see a green 2 / 2 at one of the trees, you can ennoble it. Click on the rune to select the trees.

MagoiaTrees3.jpg (13.72 KiB) Viewed 6287 times

( it will be 2/2 only when you have both Trees in your inventory )

8. on the right side you see how many moon mice you need for the ennoblement.

MagoiaTree4.jpg (145.52 KiB) Viewed 6287 times
9. click at the green button to Ennoble

10. And now you can plant the ennobled tree in one of your gardens.

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