The Full Moon Event

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The Full Moon Event

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1. when does the event start?
A: Every full moon.

2: Where do I find the event?
A: Either in the village picture or via the event site; click on the moon.

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3. What should I do?
A: You have to grow and deliver a certain number of moon plants. In the inventory under the tab for event plants (the star) you will find 2 moon plants at the beginning of each full moon event.

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4. what's the reward?
A: The reward is a moon tree. This can be harvested 10 times and gives 4 moon apples after a cultivation period of 24 hours.
You can choose either the moon tree, or dragon plants, or puzzle pieces:
First change: 5 dragon orchids; second change: 5 dragon lotus; third change 5 dragon stars; fourth change 3 puzzle pieces.

5. do you always get the same reward?
A: Yes, the moon tree is always selected first.

6: How long does the event always last?
A: 72 hours

7. can I also grow the moonflowers when the event is over?
A: No. You can only grow the moonflowers when the event is active.

8. will the moonflowers stay after the end of the event?
A: Yes, the moonflowers will stay even if the event is not running, but cannot be planted and you will start anew at the next event.

9. can I grow and harvest the moon tree when the event is not active?
A: Yes, the Moon Event does not need to be active in order to grow and harvest the Moon Tree. However, the moon tree will disappear after it has been harvested 10 times.

10. can the moon tree be harvested more than once in the same event?
A: Yes, this is also possible. You can go for additional trees, at the cost of 50 Water Lilies for each additional tree.

11. where is the degree of saturation of the moon apples with the dragons?
A: The degree of saturation of the mother of dragons is 35% (i.e. with two moon apples the Mother-dragon is at 70% saturation). The baby dragons, though, will take it as one fruit just like with all other kinds of fruit.

12. what happens to the moon plants I have left over after the event has ended?
A: After the event, moonflowers cannot be planted. Before the next event, all excess moonflowers will be removed from the inventory and gardens, and you will have to start again with the two moon plants that are provided.

Change reward

There are different rewards in the full moon event. If you do not need the moon tree, you have the possibility to change the reward:

Besides the moon tree the reward can also be changed; in the first change there are 5x dragon orchids; if you change again, there are 5x dragon lotus; then 5x dragon star, and if you change again, you get 3x universal puzzle pieces as reward.

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