The Gardens and the Gardener

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The Gardens and the Gardener

The garden

In your gardens you plant your crops, and put up your fruit trees.

In the beginning, only one of the four gardens is available. This is the water garden.
In this garden, as in all other gardens, you will find only a few free spaces at the beginning, which you can use. Most of the spaces are blocked either by shadow monsters or by mushrooms and stones.


With the planting and harvesting helper you can plant all free fields at once and harvest all adult plants at once. You can activate both helpers in the garden against water lilies. You don't have to buy them separately for each garden.

Using the Moon Mouse tool you can speed up your plants and fruit trees.

In the inventory box you can find all the information regarding plants and fruit trees. You can also see how many plants you have of a certain type at the moment, how many herbs, potions and powders you have, how many dragon plants you have in stock and how much fruit you have to feed your dragons.
At the top right you can see which garden level the respective garden has at the moment.

How do I get more open fields in my gardens?

On the one hand you have to clear away the mushrooms and stones in your garden.
  • Stones

You can clear both away by paying the required number of crystals:


On the other hand, you have to drive away the shadow monsters.

Shadow monster


You have to fight the shadow monsters with products from the brewery.
It's important to note that you can't banish all monsters from the beginning, but some monsters can only be tackled once you've reached a certain garden level.


How can I increase my garden level and what is the benefit?

To be able to expel all the monsters in your garden, to make more powerful powders, herbs and potions, and to be able to unlock the plants necessary for them, you need to expand your garden.

For this reason, the gardener comes to your garden twice a week for 24 hours. However, he will only come after you have reached level 3 in the game.
Every Wednesday and every Saturday you can find him in your gardens at a fixed place from 0:00.


In the water garden, for example, he stands in front of the fountain in the middle of the garden.

Unfortunately, the gardener does not work for you for free. You have to bring him 4 different products in the form of plants, potions, powders or herbs for his work. If you have everything together, you can give it to the gardener and he will give you a garden level in return.

  • You can only raise one level per visit of the gardener! After you raise the level of your garden, the gardener will disappear from your garden that day and will not return until the next appointment.

    It is only possible to deliver the gardener's task completely. Partial deliveries are not possible!

    If you fail to deliver all the necessary things to the gardener, he will show up with the same demands at the next appointment. He will continue to demand the same from you until you complete the task.

    How can I unlock the other gardens and what does that do for me?

    Other gardens, mean other plants.
    Besides, this way you also get more free fields.

    Unfortunately, shadow monsters have spread out in front of the rock, honey and root gardens.
    So before you can use these gardens for yourself, you have to chase away the shadow monsters at the entrance.


    Once the shadow monster is driven away, you can use the garden permanently.
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