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8. Jun 2019, 15:09

List of changes you want to the Forum
Maybe it is a new Topic or a different set up. It can be anything you think will be beneficial to improve the Forum and help all players learn more about the game and have fun
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8. Jun 2019, 17:54

It would be nice if there was a direct link to support from the forum for the times when we cannot even get to the loading screen. I would like to think that it will not happen anymore, but ....

Some people have the page saved separately to the forum and can reach that during times of issues, and having access to a support link would be helpful as I am guessing the moderators get notifications for support tickets and then we do not have to wait for one of you to log in.

Also, for the problems topic, maybe subdividing it into more specific topics for people to know where to post or be able to search more specifically would be helpful for new players.
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9. Jun 2019, 00:31

I had a good wee think about this question and although it is our forum I'm not sure if new players know about it. We are too busy trying to follow the tutorial quests when we start.
I personally didn't find the forum button when I began playing, it was an older player who told me where to look for the hints and tactics on how to play after I finished a monster off completely thinking I was helping with a spare click. The hints and tactics section did help once I found them though and Maybe a wee bonus for taking part in the forum everyday could be thrown in lol, a girl can try :D
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9. Jun 2019, 01:05

I love the forum just the way it is... informative and easy to understand and maneuver.
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9. Jun 2019, 02:01

I would like to see more hints and tips from players.

I also like Tylady's idea of sub dividing into more specific topics.

I love the Forum and visit it daily (checking for games to win prizes lol) and my only little complaint is the duplication of topics. Is it possible for them to be merged under one heading?
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9. Jun 2019, 05:32

Maybe a thread 'Beginners Start Here' - with links to basic game information, the wiki, how to use support, etc.

I tend to scroll through the game forums whenever I join a new game anyway, but a beginners thread on the front page would be helpful as not everyone has time for that.
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9. Jun 2019, 06:18

Maybe the link to this site?: ... =Game+Play
Some older players created it.
Some people have problems to access to the forum, so the link should be in the game.
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9. Jun 2019, 06:50

new players do not always find the forum easily. I think the button should be highlighted.
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9. Jun 2019, 06:51

I think the FAQ topic must be developed better or at least the Magoia wiki page should be updated by an active advanced player. It was very useful when I started to play this game and I wished I could find those infos on the Forum as well.
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9. Jun 2019, 07:45

the only thing i could even think of changing is having more games on the forum. i love being on here... all the creative games you guys come up with makes things challenging, fun, and informative.