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14. May 2020, 17:28

Hello, I am wondering why I am unable to get to Rock Garden 2, when there is not even an ability to do a click on the pond.
I am at level 10 in the Rock Garden. Can this be fixed please.
Thank you ,
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16. May 2020, 23:57

Hi Sanford,

Once you reach level 10 in the Rock Garden, you need to defeat the new large monster to complete the upgrade to the new garden. Just like it did in the Aqua garden, it should have the purple arrow pointing to the level number 10 in the upper right hand corner. Clicking the 10 should open the screen for the battle against the monster. Is that not opening for you?

AND never mind ...LOL Just saw you posted again in a different category and Eddard answered. :lol:
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