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Postby AlizAlizA » 9. Oct 2018, 08:11

I have just finished my training and I have suddenly turned green. I hope I can answer your questions and help out where I am needed. I have been informed that quizzes and games are all a part of Moderating so I think that will be my first step as a Moderator. Before I start could I please thank Aramina and Pet Dragon who were Moderators for a year and did a lot of work to keep the fun in the forum and answering a wide variety of questions. As you can see I love Unicorns. I also love reading. I think I am a patient person and I will try to help where I can. As I go along I will leave little hints about the country I am from. Enough of my rambling, it is time for me to check out the Forum.

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn…. Then always be a unicorn!”
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