So many are leaving :((

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12. Oct 2018, 21:18

saddened to see so many of the old members leaving lost our two clan leaders.and now! more have left or leaving. down to glitches and just dif things happening in the game. just weird getting. who else feels the game has changed too much?
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31. Oct 2018, 06:40

Let us hope that with all the new changes coming soon that some players may return and the rest of us will continue to have fun with Magoia. I think the new gardens etc will be wonderful.
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1. Nov 2018, 00:37

there will always be glitches in games. to leave it, in my opinion, because of a glitch that was not only fixed in a day, but to haVe compensation for it as well, is a bit childish. it IS just a aGAME. it is free to play. how can you complain about that? it will not affect your life, so just be patient. the game is up and running more than not. on very rare occasions will it have a glitch. just bear with the developers and techies. these things will not make or break you. if someone is frustrated that it is not up, well, gee go do something else for a while. take a break from the game and whey you get back perhaps it will be up and running. go read a book. go read to your child. go for a walk. cook, learn to cook, clean the bathtub you never seem to have time to clean. do your laundry. go look at the stars. this game should not dictate your life, therefore becoming angry with the game or those attempting to fix it is maybe a sign you have a problem.
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