Welcome Quicksilver!

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Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby sweetpickles » 8. Jun 2019, 09:40

As there was no way to post a welcome within the topic of "New Moderator", I will post a welcome here! Didn't want you to feel ignored. We are a crazy group with one thing in common, which is our love (or addiction) to this crazy game Magoia. You will see your share of complaints, compliments, and even a few arguments. So brace yourself for the onslaught. Welcome and Thank You for joining a long list of helper's who have tried to solve all the problems brought to them.

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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby Mazzy-Maz » 8. Jun 2019, 14:50

Welcome Quicksilver

i am sure you will solve all of our problems. :D :) :D

(Thanks sweetpickles for starting this welcome thread)
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby Quicksilver » 8. Jun 2019, 16:52

Thank you very much I will try my best :)
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby Seamist » 8. Jun 2019, 18:05

Welcome Quicksilver :)
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby meme1 » 8. Jun 2019, 23:13

Welcome Quicksilver, hope you enjoy the role
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby 1Shaluv1 » 9. Jun 2019, 01:03

Welcome Quick : )
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby karenrollins » 13. Jun 2019, 06:24

welcome to the world of the elite few. thankyou for joining the admin team
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Re: Welcome Quicksilver!

Postby Quicksilver » 13. Jun 2019, 07:16

Thank you all very much, :D
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