missing plants and extra plants

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missing plants and extra plants

Postby phryenyght » 26. Jun 2019, 13:43

since the update, i have had plants that i have planted disappear. this has been at random times and random plants(this i had reported). just now i was planting several plants; one was shining bells and one storm flowers. i had about 70 storm flowers so i was planting all of them. as i switched different gardens i noticed that i still had a bunch of them left, as if i didn't plant as many as i had. when i went back to the previous garden, i found only part of the plants were still planted the bulk was missing. same with the shining bells.
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Re: missing plants and extra plants

Postby Cikala » 26. Jun 2019, 19:22

I have noticed that there is an error when planting all of a certain plant. The planting tool will show that you have one more plant than you actually have. So then when you plant that non-existent plant, all the plants you have planted while holding down your mouse button will then disappear. When you get to the last few, let up on your mouse button and double check in your inventory how many plants you have left. That should reset the count, allowing you to plant the last few without them going missing.
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Re: missing plants and extra plants

Postby AlizAlizA » 27. Jun 2019, 09:02

I will forward this thread to Admin.
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