Tell Us How

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Tell Us How

Postby Quicksilver » 2. Jul 2019, 08:33

Tell us how you would
like to celebrate
4th July in US and Magoia :D
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby Esethielle » 2. Jul 2019, 09:15

So ... how do I want to celebrate July 4th in the United States? Well, it does not concern me since I am in France ... :lol:
and in Magoia? and well with a special quest in the game, with a nice gift in the end, it would be great ... but I know the developers never do what we wish anyway :lol:
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby eveningstar » 2. Jul 2019, 10:17

well I have never celebrated the 4th of July because I am in Australia. From what I have seen there is usually parties, friends, family, fun and fireworks
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby Mel » 2. Jul 2019, 10:32

We do not celebrate Independence Day here because I live in Germany. But there are always films and documentaries shown on television here, which I then look at frequently.
For Magoia US, it would be a good idea to do something for the players, but there are problems with the players of Magoia DE, who also want to do something that day ;-)
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby Mazzy-Maz » 2. Jul 2019, 11:03

I don't think we need to live in a country to figure out how they celebrate. For the prize I think we should at least try to answer.

I don't live in the USA but I think most Americans would look forward to the celebrations.I am sure it would be a public holiday as we do here in Oz. I imagine red,white and blue everywhere and family and friends partying together. I am sure that fireworks would be involved.

As for Magoia. I would like to see all red, white and blue plants get an extra yield for the day. All the trees would have balloons and stars, There would have to be a red, white and blue striped costume and accessories to go with it.
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby Sha » 2. Jul 2019, 12:00

I have never celebrated the 4th of July either as I live in Ireland but I do enjoy watching how the US celebrate it on TV, as for in Magoia it would be nice to have a special outfit for all my US friends who play or perhaps a double harvest on the day or Moana could give us a special visit or a special on our daily events...
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby phryenyght » 2. Jul 2019, 12:22

for the most part, my hubby usually works part time on the 4th. however, this year he is off so we will probably just hang out at the apartment. the town we live in usually has their festivities the day before as we share boundary lines with several other towns. We live right behind the park so may walk over and take a gander at them and then watch the fireworks and keep our cats from being to scared.

in magoia will see about planting (as close as I can get) red, white and blue flowers.
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby Icefairy2 » 2. Jul 2019, 12:50

i would like a little firework
either in the background or when i harvest something
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby meme1 » 2. Jul 2019, 13:04

Like many others who play Magoia I am not an american. I imagine the USA celebrates their national day the same as we all celebrate our own national day. To our American players I wish you a happy independence day with lots of festivities.

To be equitable to everyone I do not think Magoia should celebrate independence day. I think Magoia should have a its own world celebration day, perhaps with a 24hr triple yield.
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Re: Tell Us How

Postby moonchild » 2. Jul 2019, 13:08

I have been once in America during 4rth of July as I have family there it's their Independence Day,and like any country that has such day,
the celebration is a big deal to them Family gathering for a nice dinner,watching some games on TV,playing board-games
and drinking beer and then of course the big event at night with the fireworks each state/city plans for days
It would be nice if at that Day we'd have a special wheel of fortune jackpot or special prize and then some fireworks maybe
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