Update on July 4th, 2019

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Update on July 4th, 2019

Postby Gundohar » 3. Jul 2019, 11:10

Dear players,

on Thursday, the 04th of July 2019 we will install an update for you! There will be new performance improvements to make Magoia run faster and better! Also there will be new background music and new sounds.


- If you visit friends and clover a plant, from now on you won't get an extra field anymore, but if you click you'll clover directly. The clover should be a lot easier and faster.


- The shop has been improved and the performance has been optimized.

- The new background music is uploaded! There will also be new sounds. New sounds will be added here:
* Open Ancestor Grove
* Open the garden. All gardens have a different sound.
* Open event place
* Open marketplace
* Open the hut
* Open brewery
* Open the Dragon's Cave
* Get new tribal people
* Moon mice accelerate/lock
* Dragon cave Java give fruit
* Open the energy chest
* Wheel of fortune reward pick up
* Background music

- The avatar in the water garden is now a little smaller and you can see the feet. The Avatar will stand where you asked for it in the survey.

- The summer flowers, etc. will now also appear in the tree garden. We've also improved the marker when displaying a flower for Energy, and you can see the missing flowers much better now.

- In the ancestral grove it happened that you could donate for branches that you had not yet unlocked. This bug is now fixed.

- You could not remove any friends from your list of invited friends. This bug is now fixed.

We wish you lots of fun with these new additions!

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team
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