Happy 4th July

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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby phryenyght » 4. Jul 2019, 15:47

1) kentucky. i would put it on the left side in the rolling hills area as that is what kentucky is known for: the rolling hills of kentucky

can't do the image. have no place to upload it to.
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby misstic56 » 4. Jul 2019, 15:50

Lorelei3 wrote:Image

I can draw a star, still cannot make all blue, red and white stripes because I don't have access to a white flower yet :)
Happy 4th of July for everyone celebrating this day!

"Sweet home Alabama /Where the skies are so blue..." I think this is a suitable state for joining the Magoia land, next to the Cloud Garden :) Some magical corn and a beautiful Peach Tree could be added to usual plants and trees in Magoia. One new character can be a singing lion - looking a little bit like Lionel Richie, born in this state :)

I agree with that about "Sweet Home Alabama/ Where the skies are so blue.... I've been living here since march 30th 1999 Peaches come from Ga where i'm from before I moved up here.
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby karenrollins » 4. Jul 2019, 16:13

Pick a state of the USA. Describe how you would make it a part of Magoia.
Where would you put it? What would it look like? What trees,animals or characters would live there?

ARIZONA... the state that i live in. it is most unique in that you could have every kind of season and landscape depending on where you go in the state, BUT, i would want the garden to be like the area i live in. high desert.....

this would be a garden in Magoia. the plants would be like the cacti you find here. cactus flowers are the most beautiful flowers in the world in my opinion, but they take forever to come, last only about a day or two, and then are gone. lizards are plentiful around here but for me the most interesting everyday creature is the roadrunner. i would love to see a little roadrunner in a magoia garden. for the pests you would have two... javelina (also called peccaries), which resemble bristly pigs with tusks. they are not part of the pig family, but they look more like a pig than the other animals in the same order (Other members of the order include giraffes, hippopotamuses and musk deer). javelina eat everything in sight including prickly pear and barrel cactus. grasshoppers would be another pest in the garden. they ALSO eat everything in sight, and here in AZ they can be 4 inches long.
the landscape of the garden itself would be red dirt with scrub trees (mesquite) and in the background an incredible mountainous backdrop. as the skies here are incredible, it would be fun to have a different sky happen as the day went on.... the morning garden (for a person's time zone) would be pinkish blue. for the afternooon, deep sky blue, and for the evening, a few clouds that are white on top with peach on the bottom, and streaks of pink and purple.
as AZ is mostly desert region, we do not get much rain, therefore instead of special flowers, we would have a summer event. you would need to collect rain in rainbarrels. you would have a little barrel that you collect drops of water. after you collect those drops of water, you are able to grow everything lightening quick, so you would get to have a harvest not of 2 extra, but of 4 extra for one week.

i still cant do screenshots, but i'm going to decorate my garden anyway... from the USA to all players from here to other countries, let freedom ring <3
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby marizz » 4. Jul 2019, 19:52


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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby sweetpickles » 4. Jul 2019, 22:21

I would pick California. It would have to be placed on the most westerly border of Magoia. From our Pacific ocean we would be able to plant mermaid marigolds and wave water grass. And there would be many different creatures like Crusty Crabs, Cedric the Sea Serpant, and Sneaky Snark Sharks. From our dryer deserts you would plant Sandy Sage, Prickly Poppy, and Globe Mallow. Desert creatures would be Sneaky Scorpion, Sandy Slithers, and Desert Moon Howlers. From our Forested areas you would find Pine Pixies, Redwood Robins, and Squatting Sequoia Sprites. Plants would include Blue Blister Grass, Smokey Spirea, Cottonwood Balls. And finally, our snow capped mountains you will find Icicle Imps. Avalanche Apes, and Freezing Fur Fox, as well as being able to plant Snowdrift Daisies, Frozen Blue Bells, and Abominable Amaranthus.
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby Zolnai Melinda » 4. Jul 2019, 22:33

Mexico or Arizona ...love this place , in many place there grow to cactus it is my lovely hoby , i see sands many plants for rock garden , lovely colors and beautiful flowering cactus , i think no have no one plants flower like cactus ....animals who love this areas is great survivor ...
Ps .. i no have white plants i have to make the US flag only like this
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby willow » 4. Jul 2019, 23:03

Pick a state of the USA. Describe how you would make it a part of Magoia.
Where would you put it? What would it look like? What trees,animals or characters would live there?

I would pick Florida and place water parks with slides in the aqua garden, I would use all the available water plants to plant all around and have tree fountains which spout water jets all over. Fireworks lighting up the Magoian sky with glittering dolphin like creatures swimming around.
In the tree garden well it would have to be Magoia's equivalent of Disneyland with rides suspended from palm trees which bear magical fruit when opened to give jigsaw puzzle pieces, instead of mickey mouse we could have Magoia dragons keeping everyone in order whilst helping to pop sparkle tooth kernels, sprinkled with frost flowers powder yum.
In the root garden crocodiles would be hiding in lots of swamp plants guarding hidden energy bolts amongst the foliage, where only the bravest daring explorers would go to gather as many as they could without being eaten. Though I would plant a few creeping vine trees to help with avoiding the crocodiles don't want too many players being eaten, that would be bad for business lol.
Honey garden just has to be a chestnut gnome grove where you have to tell rhymes and riddles to the gnomes in an attempt to help them part with their fruits and the rock garden well that's where coconuts filled with crystals will dwell you have to knock them off their little ledges in the hope they split open with lots of crystalline structures spilling out.
Cloud garden somewhere to relax with an array of coloured birds singing beautiful songs casting a spell of peace all over and on the moon a small time out pod where naughty visitors would be sent until the dragons believe they deserve to come back :D
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby Seamist » 4. Jul 2019, 23:35

2019-07-04 (5).png
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Happy 4th of July
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby williawc » 4. Jul 2019, 23:52

I'll do 2 post, the image now & the state in a minute
4th July 1.jpg
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Re: Happy 4th July

Postby Saphira47 » 5. Jul 2019, 00:22

To the left of Moana, there would be a sign that would take us to the state of New Hampshire. We discover its mountains that change colors in the fall with the main tree a wild apple tree that changed appearance over the seasons. There would also be a lake with some small animals on the edge and we would cultivate the following flowers: lupine, pink lady slipper, orchids, bergamot or other wildflowers found in New Hampshire.

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