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Sea Crescent
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10. Jul 2019, 02:56

Give back the old game music! I miss it.
The current one is okay but way too slow.
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Community Manager
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10. Jul 2019, 10:59

Hi Sea Crescent,

unfortunately we can't reactivate the old music.
We did want to keep the music a little slower so it fits into the background better.

Best regards,
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11. Jul 2019, 03:37

I agree with you Sea Crescent, I like the previous music better also. This also registers too loud, so that you really cannot hear all the new sound affects that were supposed to be implemented.

I have been just turning the sound off and jamming music! ;) If you do not know how to turn the sound off it is the musical note on the far right side of the bar across the top, next to the settings button.
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