Moonqueen Selena and Prince Moron plan their wedding

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Love is in the air :) Moonqueen Selena and Prince Moron make plans for their upcoming wedding:
Describe everything Brides dress, bridesmaids, venue, guests, flowers, wedding cake, what is eaten , music played everything to do with a wedding day, let your imagination flow :D
Now we DON'T expect perfect English or grammar, but to try and include everyone we are asking if you can use google translate, which will allow you to write in your own language, post the translated version in the forum :) here is the link ;
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The wedding dress will be blue and will have moon flowers all around the bottom. The Brides train is very long and made from sparkling blue dew lichen. The bridesmaids have long purple dresses with nightstars as the trim. Her brides were all dressed in yellow and they all wore flowers inn their hair. The Guests all stood around the waterfall and threw flowers into the water as beautiful ornaments. The wedding cake was in the shape of a moon flower. The Clan were all invited to the party and everyone had a wonderful night of celebrating, laughing, dancing and good music.
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Selena has opted for a pink underdress, with white translucent overdress embroidered in the crescent. In the hair small beads are woven in and a flower wreath was bound by the fairies from the sky garden.
Her bridesmaids all wear silver-colored, long dresses and matching silver sparks in her hair.
The wedding and the celebration will be aligned in the large garden by the water. There has been delicately delisted in recent days, tables and chairs set up, a podium for the band has already emerged. Music similar to this one is played: and
Linen was stretched in the starry tree, on which the families of the newlyweds hung many photos from their previous lives. From the baby photo to the photo, when the two met, everything is there to admire.
All guests will later receive small cards and a pen, on which they address a few personal words to the bride and groom. These cards are finally put into a designated and completed chest. These very personal words of each one, then the two later on a quiet evening to watch.
A beautiful rose arch was set up, on which white roses bloom, under which the bridal couple is married. For this, rows of chairs are placed on, in the middle of a corridor is free, through which the couple can pass between the guests.
The two have spared no effort for their guests and put together a rich buffet, where nothing is missing.
At the end of the celebration, each guest receives a small gift to commemorate this special day.
It will be sure for the bride and groom, as well as for the invited guests, an intoxicating party to which everyone will like to remember.
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Bride's dress is made of sparkling white silk, her beautiful hair is left free over the shoulders, with an elegant tiara made of diamond flowers on top and small lily flowers nicely beaded. The jewels are made from glittering moonstones.
Her seven bridesmaids wear different colour dresses, each of them wearing a rainbow colour.
The ceremony will take place in the Cloud Garden, where the monsters are never invited in. All Magoia inhabitants are invited and the only gifts accepted for this wedding are special foods and drinks for the event prepared by each of them and everybody will share.
The wedding cake will be a fruitcake, soaked in elderflower syrup, covered in white fondant and decorated with sugar flowers.
All the flowers around will be white, including roses, lilies and camellias. The bride will have a gorgeous red roses bouquet.
The music will be played by Dimash K. and an orchestra, special guests from our world :D
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I'm not really fan of weddings,ironically as a model I've worn dozens of wedding dresses lol
So here's my try to describe the Moonqueen's Selena wedding & a picture of one of the wedding dresses
I've worn that made quite an impression on me and I think would be perfect for a fairy wedding like this
First of all it would definitely have to be in a fairy-moon forest on the Moonland where the Queen is from
The bride will arrive in a golden air carriage carried by her loyal dragons & the groom will arrive riding his own The ceremony will be held
under the holy Friendship Tree of the people of Magoia
After the ceremony the happy couple & the guests will all have a celestial feast in a flowery meadow nearby,where God's nectar
will be served upon arrival and all sorts of delicious plants from the gardens cooked & served to them,like:
Pommes de Terre Duchesse,Sugar Snap Pea and Carrot Moon Noodles,Creamy Aqua Mushroom Linguine with fried blue Lavender
Spicy Moonflower Peanut sauce over roasted Mistbaw,fresh Glitter Shells fished out from the new Aqua Garden 3
And of course for desert the delicious 4 tier wedding cake,with frosting in a sea-lavender pale blue,decorated with moon-flowers
and on top a bright white half moon where a replica of the bride & groom are sitting on
The guests will all bring hand-made gifts from precious stones The bridesmaids will be dressed in pale blue silk dresses
and have laurel wreath in their hair and a group of little heavenly angels will be playing music in the background
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Describe everything Brides dress, bridesmaids, venue, guests, flowers, wedding cake, what is eaten , music played everything to do with a wedding day, let your imagination flow :D

All of Magoia gathered for the wedding in Prince Moron's Cloud Garden.

Prince Moron has learned his lesson about being full of himself, so he has decided it will be a very humble wedding.
The groom will sport a traditional Magoian pant made of soft woven glow calyx, vest of the same yet adorned with a sprig of blue lavender. His boots will be knee high and made of soft brown leather. Around his head he will wear a crown made of fen fire twine. Upon the lapel of the vest you will find the fragrant saphire rafflesia and love ghost. He will have no other adornment.
The bride will sweep down an aisle of fire grass, strewn with love tongue petals, in a flowing gown also made of woven glow calyx. She will have a train several feet long made of light puff. Upon her head, gracing her curled hair, will be a crown of fen fire twine as well, but her crown will have the addition of pearls from the mist shell. These pearls will also be used to create a lovely necklace and dot her dress. The shoes on her feet will be sandals that wrap up to her knee and made from stems of the breeze hat. Her bouquet will be made with sun lotus, love ghost, creek heartleaf, blue lampion, and firebell.
Bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing a dress made from woven mist calyx. grooms will be traditional like the prince, bridesmaids will wear a short dress. the maid of honor and best man will be wearing clothing of rain glint calyx. Bridesmaids will be carrying a bouquet of ruby floweret, bright flowers, and glowing swirl. Groomsmen will have glowing swirl in their vest pockets.
Round tables will be scattered about under Magoian trees. Centerpieces made with glint rafflesia and fire grail are on each table. Hanging from the trees to bring light, as this party will last all day and into night, are light bells, which glow when the moon rises. Thornlight twists delicately around each tableleg and large pots of blue and opal lavender placed around the event bring beautiful fragrance.

The meals will consist of light fare.... roast pear horn, baked moon apple pie, cloud berry pudding, and chestnut fruit appetizers.
People would raise light cups to toast the happy couple from wine made of juicegrape.

the wedding cake is enormous, as there are so many in attendance...light and airy, it was made from flour of ground up sun nut. the frosting, irridescent white, was created with ground up silver shine mixed with muddled water dish. it is decorated with lightbow on top, to signify hope, togetherness, and a new beginning.

Music was live. Flutes, drums, and fiddles were both lively and melodious, bringing fun and closeness to the tribes. Moonmice danced on tables while dragons filled the skies.

Not everyone attended, however. Those still taken by the shadow lurked in the background. Some did not want this union to happen, as it could bring a stronger group of tribes into Magoia and could mean an end to them all..........
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Love is in the air :) Moonqueen Selena and Prince Moron make plans for their upcoming wedding:
Describe everything Brides dress, bridesmaids, venue, guests, flowers, wedding cake, what is eaten , music played everything to do with a wedding day

It will be a winter wedding

Prince Moron will be wearing a black tuxedo - white shirt and Jade tie. his buttonhole will be a single jade lily (jade) sprinkled with sparkling with snow flakes glistening like diamonds in the sun light.

Moon Queen Selena - her wedding dress will be made out of white taffeta (floating in the gentle breeze) scattered with snowflakes (glistening like diamonds in the sun) The wedding dress will be full length with long flowing sleeves. On her head will be a tiara made of snowflakes and jade lily's, glistening in the sun. Her Bouquet will also be made up of snowflakes and jade lilies. She will have silver shoes on her feet.

The Bridesmaids dresses will also be made of taffeta and will be long, the colour will be jade. Their flowers would be snowflakes which will glisten in the sun. They will have one single silver snowflake in their hair and silver shoes on their feet.

The tales will decorated with crystal lights with silver and jade snowflakes scattered over the tables.

The food will be fairy food that has been picked in the fairy glens. They will drink nectar out of bluebells.
The cake will be 4 tiers high and will have white, jade, and silver snowflakes made out of royal icing, they will be 3d.

The fairies and elves will make music on their flutes and lyres and everyone will dance to celebrate the wonderful wedding of the Moon Queen and princ

more to follow soon
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Describe everything Brides dress, bridesmaids, venue, guests, flowers, wedding cake, what is eaten , music played everything to do with a wedding day,

A beautiful full length white satin dress, nipped in at the waist with long gossamer sleeves, moon dust and stars decorating the bodice, a lovely tiara made from platinum set with shimmering moonbeams,she holds a lovely bouquet of thornwind, lightbell and storm flowers with three tiny moonmice nestling in the middle.
Four bridesmaids wearing long silky dresses two in pale green and two in lemon, carrying small posies of glow calyx with storm flowers.
The venue is in the cloud garden where lightdrop and glittershell plants are placed at each side of the aisle leading down to the pergola decorated with light stars, mist stars and glow calyx, where Prince Moron waits to greet his bride dressed in a dark green suit with farmer standing beside him as his bestman, he's actually spruced up for the event :D heavenly lanterns are strung up all around, with toadstool seats laid out for the many guests.
The wedding cake takes pride of place and is a five tier meringue with juice grape flavoured jam and cream filling, decorated with tiny sugar moonmice and riverbell flowers a magical table serving an endless supply of foods and aqua cup wine flowing freely, heavenly.
The music starts softly with a few love songs being played in the background but by the end of the evening there is a whirlwind of riotous dancing with loud happy music ringing out throughout the realm of magoia.
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Describe everything Brides dress, bridesmaids, venue, guests, flowers, wedding cake, what is eaten , music played everything to do with a wedding day, let your imagination flow :D

The wedding dress is long, moonstone white, and flows like liquid silver. The train is long, but the movement is like smooth water over rocks, it gently flows. The vail is as thin and as light as mist, with shimmer of colors like precious opal, if not for the crescent moon crown it would float away. Her flowers include babies breath, purple lilac, blue wisteria, and look like glass jewels in their bouquet.
The bridesmaids dresses are a lapis blue, with silver flakes within. Their flowers are a pink Rose of Sharron and lavender.

Venue: Open meadow, surrounded by forest. There is a stream, with dragonflies, butterflies and fairies. Fireflies make the trees sparkle, and the bees have made honeydew drops for everyone to snack on
The tables/chairs are made of clouds, soft and warm (or cool) and very pleasant to sit/relax in. The stream has the ability to make bubbles that gently float across the meadow. Its funny/cute when a bee, butterfly or fairy get caught up in one...

The cake has 3 tiers, very tasty, and appears to be held together with vines of moonflowers in bloom. The bees keep the moonflowers glistening in sweet honeydew

Eaten... think of a Hobbit meal!! Fruits, veggies, meats, honey wine, sweet pies, just the best!!

Music... Flutes & a cello for the most part to start & thru the meal... but the dancing later will be a wide variety of styles... as long as it is danceable!!
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the groom stand alone on the beach awaiting his bride

the bride
purple and long with an even longer train.
the veil is made up of everything on magoia that sparkles
her tiara is made of dew drops

the bridesmaids
they are dressed in the colours of the rainbow
they are all holding a posy of glowbows

the wedding
this is held on a sandy beach that is hidden behind the waterfall.

all the guest are wearing their clan colours and are holding their clan emblem
everyone is laughing and drinking green juice that is made from Magoias air grapes.

the wedding cake
this is on the center table and is made from sunnuts and flamenuts and is decorated with aquapuffs and rainbells. the icing is white and the cake is about a metre high. everyone gets a piece to enjoy.

eveyone parties on into the night with music from the 60's through to the latest hits of today.
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