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In this game we ask you to write an acrostic poem using the word SUMMERTIME, Gymnastics for the brain :lol: , Please have a go there is no right or wrong answer just have some fun, it doesn't have to rhyme :D can be about anything you like, If you need google translator to post your poem the link is :
Don't worry I know it may not work out exactly after translation

Also we can love another player's post but if it is copied and pasted NO Prize

But most of all have fun, let your imagination flow :D
Sunshine and flowers are what I seek
Umbrellas stand ready for when rain takes a peek
Magoia a lovely distraction from life at rest
Murmuring come play is simply the best
Eagerly planting and feeding my dragons
Rescuing plants from monsters galore
Telling my family just five minutes more
In the forum we try all the games for a prize
Musing and making our brain's come alive
Every game's different, variety abounds, whilst listening to magoia's tinkling sounds
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Sun,fun and grilling
Un-blanched peaches with honey
Melt in your mouth corn, so filling.
Music for dancing, the old folks so funny
Energy eternal, the little ones play
Ribs, burgers, hot-dogs sizzling on the grill
Together as family we'll always stay
Ice cream, of course will be such a thrill
Making memories, so important for all
Enjoying each other till Summer turns to Fall.
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Sonce, morje, komaj čakam; --------------The sun, the sea, I can hardly wait
Ukradeno veselje; ---------------------------Stolen joy
Med borovci;----------------------------------Among the pines
Med zalivčki;----------------------------------Between the bays
En dan;-----------------------------------------One day
Radosti in sprostitve;------------------------Joy and relaxation
Tišine; -----------------------------------------Silence
In;---------------------------------------------- And
Modrine;---------------------------------------blue sky
En krasen dan;-------------------------------One gorgeus day
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Season of warmth and vacation trips to the beach
Undulating sand dunes as far as your eyes can reach
Mesmerizing ocean waves crashing to the shore
Making a thunderous sound that no one can ignore
Evening is the moment for a sandy fire pit
Roasting weenies and marshmallows, whilst on a log you sit
Taking time to look up and contemplate the sky
Imagining where we might come from, or where we go when we die
Making ready to depart, but wishing time were more
Everyone looks forward to our next trip to the shore

(Forgetmenot) Live in the Present, Remember the Past, and Fear not the Future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only NOW . . .Saphira
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sunny,hot fun days
under the pretty blue skies
memories of days gone past
moments in the sweet smell of flowers
everyone having picnics
remembering the new times of my life
tumbling down green hills
inventing new ideas for my grandchildren to have fun
meeting up with old friends and new family
enjoying life to the fullest
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Sandcastles made with bucket and spade
Up in the sky seagulls fly
Music plays all around
Munching sandwiches cheese is good
Everyone loving the relaxing mood
Reading the paper or a book
Taking a nap in the heat
Ice cream cones just the best
Memories made for the years to come
Escape from reality over to soon
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Side by side
Under the clear blus sky
My love and I
Me and him...WE
Enter into a new space
Radiant new world we created
Time no longer exist
Isolated from any harm
Me and my love
Enjoying our new life
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Staring at the clouds
Until getting lost in a dream
Making me think of a deep swimming pool and
Making time to float and dive in the water clear...
Every day brings some joy while
Resisting bravely to
The heat of the day and the warmth of the nights...
I guess that in the summer
Mornings are the best
Even when it's raining...
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S... Summer is my favorite season
U... Under the hot rays of sun
M... My garden wakes up this season
M... Majestically one by one my flowers are pointing the tip of the nose
E... Each color is represented
R... Red, yellow, orange and blue
T... Take the time to savor this warmth, this beauty that is offered to us
I... Imagine if it ended
M... My wish
E... Each summer is lived and fully appreciated :D
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Ships are on the horizon.
Up sun over the sea brings that into a special atmosphere.
Magoia's worlds are the targets of the ships.
Magoia's gardens are ready for the arrival of the ships and their visitors.
Each other meeting, conversing, spending time with each other is the desire behind it.
Radau we do not like, it should be friendly, nice and harmonious.
Tabasco sauce, dips, meat, vegetables, freshly baked bread, drinks are ready for the Magoia Summer Festival.
I know for sure that it will be wonderful, look forward to it, come along and join us.
Magoia will radiate in dazzling colors and give a touch of his imagination to the visitors, so that they all like to come back and stay.
Effectual exactly what we really want for Magoia.
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