Name to story

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Name to story

Postby AlizAlizA » 12. Aug 2019, 03:00

Use the letters of the players name before you, to write a sentence/ story/ poem.

Example: Mooncap = Magicians or otters need cuddles and presents

Start with AlizAlizA
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Re: Name to story

Postby AngelDragonWings » 12. Aug 2019, 04:11


all little infant zebras are leaning into zebra adults.

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Re: Name to story

Postby Saphira47 » 12. Aug 2019, 05:28


admit neither game event lost difficulty ran all guardians of nine worlds into next spacetime

difficulty ran all guardians of nine worlds into next good spacetime.

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Re: Name to story

Postby karenrollins » 12. Aug 2019, 07:43


Soft moonlight caresses the earth
Amid the sands of time....
Perhaps you have fear? Perhaps despair?
Happiness follows the patterns if you accept it
Intriguing are the moments of our life
Regard them with awe, for there will never be any like them
Amid the sands of time

next is
karenrollins...... sorry lol
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Re: Name to story

Postby Mel » 12. Aug 2019, 08:06

Kaz, Andreja, Rita G., Esethielle, Nita1, Rayme, OptimusDK, Lapin, Larsaf, Icefairy2 not singing ......................... please :lol:

Next is MEL
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Re: Name to story

Postby Lorelei3 » 12. Aug 2019, 09:07

Mages embrace loyalty

Next: Lorelei
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Re: Name to story

Postby Mazzy-Maz » 12. Aug 2019, 13:08


Laughing over really excitable Llamas eating insects.
Mazzify had a pet fox was called Rastass
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Re: Name to story

Postby Stormöga 1 » 12. Aug 2019, 13:29

Manic Amazing Zany Zebra Yelling - More Agriculture Zones! MAZZY -MAZ :D :D :D
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Re: Name to story

Postby LilDragonfly » 12. Aug 2019, 14:52


Sorry, the ostrich roams more on grass always 1 @ STORMOGA1 ;)
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Re: Name to story

Postby mistybleu » 12. Aug 2019, 15:06

lil ill lilli drug raven actually golly on nearly fluffy little yams

next mistybleu
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