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Hello hello
Are we getting ready to give a Good Welcome to the coming New Year upon its reaching us in a few days ???

Yeah !!!
Let us get the Garden/s Decorated so as to Welcome the New Year, Shall we?!!
Be it with designs, wishing-words, or whatever else your creativity may bring you to
while using any of the Magoia plants, Trees, produce, etc!!

And, please, make it as nice as to appease, entice, & sweeten-up the Newcomer ;)

And, of course, we like you to describe your decorations for us!
- Being detailed descriptions if you wish will be highly welcome!
OPTIONALLY, you may also like to add a photo here together with your description!

OR, Just add the photo of your New Year Decoration, if you prefer so
(that is especially for all-and-any who is not fluent with the language so gets a chance to participate anyhow!)!

Game lasts 48 hours, as usual!

;) enough to get your Gardens ready for the New Year's Eve & New Year's Day!!

For your convenience, here is Google Translate link

And an easy-to-use photo - upload link, in case you'd also like to show us with a photo
[Browse in your computer, to find the photo; Upload it; and Copy the Direct Link of your Image; and then come to your post, click the image-icon next to * at the top, and paste in-between the brackets that have appeared when you clicked on the image-icon. Now, Your photo is in your post! Enjoy it!!]
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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Loved the idea of just Photo for non-fluent in english Players! :)

Here is 2020 & a smile!

I'm no designer (as one can tell) but for now that's what I came up with! ;) :P


OK, I am also adding this one that I have just made ...
(I couldn't find a good photo of the Magoia-Dragons, so I fished this one from the internet : )
-+ added to it a little LOL


Happy * Juicy * Lovely & Fruitful New Year 2020 ! ! !
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Just saying!
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I wish you all the best for 2020 !
On the way from school to today, much of my english has been lost, sorry .....
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Happy New Year !!! 2020Image
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As the Scots are probably the best at welcoming in the new year ... I would try and represent "Edinburgh;s Hogmanay tartan" which can loosely be described as purple background, black lines with some fine white lines

So "Heatfan" for the the background, with "Glint Raffiesia" forming the black.white lines, and the dark purple of the "Incendiary Trap" representing the black lines

Happy New Year


I would use moon plants, as I think they look like little people with out stretched arms
and make a ring of them all around Magoia through the Aqua garden to the root, then Rock, then cloud garden and finally through the tree garden (allowed for one special day!)
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29. Dec 2019, 22:26

I wrote 2020 for the new year.

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Game Closed!

Thank you all for sharing your New Year's decorations!
We have enjoyed the most!!!

The Prize of 500 Moon Mice has been delivered

Happy New Year!!!
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!