New Year's Eve

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31. Dec 2019, 10:53

As the Bells are ringing out the Old year whilst ringing in the New year,
Please take a few minutes to wish your fellow Magoian neighbours
A Happy New Year, as you would in your own country :D
using the English alphabet please and post the translation underneath if it is needed, Thank you :D
Google Translate :
Game will run for 48hrs
To get us started
All the best for 2020
in other words Happy New Year :lol:
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31. Dec 2019, 11:21

Kalee Chronia
(literally = Good Year) - used for Happy New Year ;)

Ola ta kalytera!!!
= All the Best!!!

Happy New Year 2020 Juicy, Lovely, Joyful!!!
Just saying!
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31. Dec 2019, 11:29

La multi ani! An nou fericit! - Happy New Year!

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How fast is the time running out
a year goes by, what does that mean?
And a year follows another year
you think of how everything was.
Unfortunately everything has to go away
thank you for what was!

A New Year promises so often
that what you hope for will finally come
that wishes come true
and we see good times
a lot of new things will happen
thank you for what was!

But one thing should also be in the new year
stay the way it always was
that, like all the time before,
no matter whether easy or difficult,
go through the years as friends of the game,
thank you for what comes!

Kommt gut und gesund ins neue Jahr 2020! Die besten Wünsche dazu sendet euch Mel :-) Come well and healthy into the new year 2020! Mel sends you the best wishes :-)
On the way from school to today, much of my english has been lost, sorry .....
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Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year ahead. May God's light guide your way in 2020.
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31. Dec 2019, 23:35

May all your dreams and wishes come true for you in the new year.
Happy, Happy New Year!!!!
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1. Jan 2020, 05:49

may the new year be more positive and a good year to everyone. it has been a hard year everywhere with some things even worse in some areas, we had 15 tornadoes go thru here plus mass shootings like other places. im praying for good health and happiness for the new year 2020
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1. Jan 2020, 10:09

Happy New Year !!!
I wish you all that is good for you throughout the Health Year,
Love, joy and success in everything and may the good energies guide you.

Bonne année !!!
Je vous souhaite tout ce qui est bon pour vous tout au long de l'Année
de la Santé, Amour, joie et succès en tout et que les bonnes énergies vous guident.
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1. Jan 2020, 10:28

Va urez un An Nou plin de sanatate si fericire!
La multi ani!

Wishing you a new year full of health and happiness!
To many years! (literally)- the meaning is many returns of the day/ year, used for every happy anniversary or event, national or religious.
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1. Jan 2020, 12:41

Happy New Year!