2nd Weekend of 2020

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11. Jan 2020, 10:16

Now that the new year has started alright,
and that the frenzy of the holidays is over & things are settling back to normal

we'd like to hear Your story of how you feel
* what (if anything) is about to 'start sprouting' in your life *
what it is that you'd like to share as * Hope * Dream * Wish * Goal * Intention *
or, anything else whatsoever ;)

The game will last for at least 48 hours

For your convenience, in the case it is needed


Example to get us started:
I, for one, would like that my life goes for what is good for me!
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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11. Jan 2020, 11:16

This year I'm going to be a grandmother for the second time and I hope that everything will go well so that I can hug my second grandchild in good health and well.
Various vacation trips are coming up throughout the year and I will try to enjoy each one.
An operation will also be pending, I have been putting it off for a long time because I haven't yet found the right doctor who gave me the feeling that I can trust.
And with the rest of the normal madness in everyday life, the year will be full.
On the way from school to today, much of my english has been lost, sorry .....
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11. Jan 2020, 11:46

Ohh, well, I'm working on getting a promotion at work, It will take time but I'm confident I'll manage. Also, am waiting for the time when my nephew will come for a visit, haven't seen him in ages and talking on the phone or messenger is not the same. Hmmm, furthermore, I think everyone will agree, I'm waiting for summer lol, since then I'm planning to travel a bit, maybe even will manage to talk my parents in joining ^_^
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11. Jan 2020, 12:05

This year I would like to find and buy a little house with a garden to spend my weekends there. I live in an apartment which is comfortable and close to my workplace, but I would like to develop my gardening skills :) I have a small garden with flowers on a balcony but it's not enough. I was growing up in a house with a huge garden, far away from this city I live now, I guess I miss the satisfaction of watching all vegetables and fruits growing and I want it back.
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11. Jan 2020, 12:09

My goal is to now what it means what I dreamed about - after I discovered how to know what I dreamt. I want to grow spiritualy.
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11. Jan 2020, 13:13

I do not compete for the title of "Miss" (lol) but I really wish peace on earth.
On a personal level in 2020 I want to travel, to get out of the monotony of everyday life.

Have a wonderful year!

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11. Jan 2020, 13:36

I hope that I would find the car that suits me and I would not have accidents when I drive :D
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11. Jan 2020, 14:52

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: In 2020 I wish to have time for nature, walks, gardening, planting flowers. I wish that everyone would be happy and fulfilled that there would be no more wars in the world, no more fires like those in Australia; and I want my family to be more present in my life. :D :D :D :D :D
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11. Jan 2020, 14:54

I will be continuing with my studies to obtain certification as a payroll practitioner and hope that I can complete the course this year. We were not able to travel last year due to the demands of work and an economy that is struggling and I hope to be able to hold my grandson for the first time and see my parents this year.
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11. Jan 2020, 15:28

Above all I hope for peace thought the world, for me I hope that I stay healthy enough to continue my travels.
:) :) :) :) :)