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8. Feb 2020, 17:41

Has anybody else noticed some inconsistency
regarding the Fruit's 3xAffinity at Ancestor's Grove
not going as listed every next day??

Until about a week or two ago, every day there was a fruit with 3x Affinity in the row, as they are listed.
Pear, Cherry, Chestnut, Banana, Strawberry.

The last 3 days that I have noted down it was:
Feb.6 - Pear
Feb.7 - Strawberry
Feb.8 - Cherry

Have they stopped being at 3x Affinity each fruit in the row??
Just saying!
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9. Feb 2020, 11:21

Thank you, Paizw!
That's interesting - I'll keep an eye on it to see how it goes from now on :?:

Magoia greetings,
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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11. Feb 2020, 16:54

i am not sure what you are referring to by each row. a few questions to make it more understanding and hopefully get your answer for you....

are you saying you are having days with zero 3x fruit?
do you mean you have noticed that they have been going in order and are now NOT going in order?
do you have all the trees so several different fruits?
have you run out of fruit during the time of giving to the tree and giving to dragons?

there should be two different fruits that give 3x each day for you to choose from and i think it is pretty random which ones will be your 3x. Obviously you would need to have sufficient fruits in order to give to the tree, in addition to sufficient energy. if you have moon apples, i have noticed that they will always be 3x each day, and another fruit will be given the 3x capability.

a little tidbit of info if you haven't noticed or if it hasn't been suggested to you... keep cloud berries for your dragon eggs. you only need i think 2, whereas all other fruits are much more to get an egg. it will save you tons of fruit for dragons and for your ancestor tree.
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13. Feb 2020, 22:22

karenrollins hey!!

haven't you read above, surely
it's all being monitored by the mods
so, no need for you to bother - thx!!

On trees etc - thanks,
but I got my system, which works pretty good so far ;)

I get at least 5-6 dragons/week out to fly
and my dragon-fruit stock is at 3-digit numbers - way more than the Brewery can use up
So, all' good
Just saying!
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14. Feb 2020, 16:08

Hi there,

there is no row or no system behind it.
The 3x fruit are randomly selected.

Best regards,
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15. Feb 2020, 06:34

Paizw, just so you know, ALL players that post on the forum who have questions or problems will find that OTHER players who have had the same questions before or have the answers WILL post you a reply. SOME of the moderators here are or will be new not only to moderating but to the game and may not have the answer or you would have to wait or possibly never get an answer. and as you and other can see, i did give you an answer... the fruit is random. Eddard then verified this a few days later.

which is exactly how i got MY answer on the energy... from another player. verified by Eddard a few weeks later....and how i've had many other questions answered.. by other players.
you even asked "HAS ANYBODY..." soooo, you certainly make it puzzling when you ask that and then say "surely you read above and the moderators have it"... which actually the only thing mentioned was keeping an eye on it... no answer to your question at all.

in the future, if you do have questions or issues, i recommend accepting that experienced players CAN give you answers, so really a good idea to embrace that. also helps the moderators too instead of sending them on a chase when the answer is readily available from someone who knows already. it's actually what a FORUM is for.... to get answers from people, no matter whom they are... moderators or players. and if you ask "has anybody"... expect "anybody" to make comment or answer.
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