April 16th Update

Reports of bugs and issues in the game

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21. Apr 2020, 13:20

On the 16th you addressed inventory sorting issues, "In the inventory the error was fixed that several pages were skipped or not even displayed. In addition, the filters and sorting were adapted and improved. Among other things, the gold plants are now much clearer."

The page skipping has not reoccurred, thank you, but now when you switch between sorting methods it gets stuck on a Garden and you cannot unselect it. For example I was sorting by Garden, looking for a Honey Garden plant, when I tried to go back to sorting by Amount Ascending it was stuck at Honey Garden and I could not unselect the Honey Garden I had to go out of the garden, refresh the game and go back and forth to finally get it to sort Amount Ascending for all Gardens.

Before, when you changed sorting methods, you could click back on the garden a second time to unselect it and it would go back to the default of the all garden, all plant list.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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22. Apr 2020, 09:52

Sorry for that! That's quite embarassing. We're working on it...once more :D
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