May 28th, 2020 Update

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13. Jun 2020, 17:05

Included on the update from May 28th was:

"- If you want to delete a friend from your friends list, you will be asked again if you really want to do so."

I think this is a great idea. I know I have accidentally clicked on the wrong person when I was deleting a red player. Then I had to message the person, apologize for going too fast and bad clicking, and then wait the 7 days to be able to friend request them back again.

I was deleting a player today for the first time since the update and got to see the pop up question. It states: "Remove Friend - You want to remove your friend. To avoid any misunderstanding, please click Confirm to remove your friend."

I appreciate the you have worked towards helping us that go too fast, but have one small suggestion to improve it even further. One of the issues is that you are not sure who you clicked on and with this pop up message you still do not know who you clicked on to remove. Would it be possible to add the name of the person you clicked on to the title or statement? Maybe rather than "Remove Friend" you could replace Friend with the name of the person clicked on, that way you would know for sure you selected the person you intended.

Or, I noticed that the pop up window is a bit translucent and you can see the list behind it, maybe when we select the person it could be highlighted so we can see that we choose the player we wanted?

Thank you,

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15. Jun 2020, 17:07

Hi Tylady,

that's a good idea, I've forwarded it to the colleagues.
Hope they also like it :)

Best regards,
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