The inventory box

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The inventory box

The inventory box

In the inventory box you get all the information about the stock of your plants, the number of your trees, how much fruit is in stock at the moment, how many powders, potions, herbs you have and much more.

This part of the FAQ explains what you can find in the inventory box and where exactly it can be found there.

Where is the inventory box?

The inventory box is in each of your gardens, in the brewery and in the dragon's lair at the bottom right of the screen. The inventory box does not exist on the main island!


Click on the box to open the following menu:


How is the inventory box structured?


The bar above the inventory box represents the tab menu through which you can access the various subcategories of the inventory box.

Explanation of the different riders

1st tab - Plant menu

The first tab opens a list of all the plants that can be unlocked and planted in the game.


Image – Sorting the plants according to the individual elements. With a second click on the selected element, the selection can be undone and one returns to the general overview.

Below is a representation of the different plants. On each page is an overview of 6 plants, sorted by garden level and garden. You have already unlocked the plant with the blue border, the plant with the red border still needs to be unlocked.


Case 1: Plant is unlocked


Once the plant is unlocked, you can see how many plants of this type you currently have inside the card.
Clicking on the little card of the plant opens an information field on the right-hand side, which tells you how many experience points the plant provides when harvested, how long the plant grows and how high the yield of the plant is. Normally you will receive a yield of two for each plant harvested.

Use the "Plant" field to select the plant and cultivate it in your garden.

2. case plant is not unlocked


There are three signs that a plant is not unlocked. Firstly, you have no stock of the plant, it says "Unlock" underneath the plant and it is marked with a lock.

Clicking on the plant card again opens a menu on the right-hand side, which tells you what you need to unlock the plant.

Attention: Please pay close attention to the necessary garden level of the respective gardens, which is required to unlock the plant. The plants of the different gardens (water rock and honey garden each need the level of the corresponding garden).

If there is a green tick behind the required product Image so the necessary quantity is in your possession.

Is there a boiler behind the required product Image Clicking on this kettle will take you to the brewery to see what you need to make it.

Behind required plant quantities is a shopping basket. Image

If you have all the necessary products and plants in sufficient quantity, you can unlock the plant via the "Unlock" field. You will receive a reward in the form of ranking points for unlocking the plant and 2 copies of the plant.

Problem: I cannot find the plant

Look on the right-hand side in the middle. There is an arrow with which you can scroll through the inventory.

Please note that the plants are sorted according to the respective gardens. You will find all the plants of the water garden first (up to level 10 of the water garden), then all the plants of the rock garden (up to level 5 of the rock garden) and then all the plants of the honey garden.


Problem: I cannot unlock a plant
  • 1.Please check that you have already reached the necessary garden level. To unlock the different garden levels, please refer to the relevant chapter in the FAQ.
    2.Please check if you can produce all the necessary products in the brewery.
    3. please check if you can already plant all necessary plants to produce the brewery product. You can also find information about the brewery in the corresponding chapter of this FAQ.

2nd tab to 4th tab - Brewery products overview

In the second tab you can see a list of all the potions that can be made in the brewery.

Here, too, a sorting according to elements is possible, equivalent to the plants.

The potions are ordered according to their value. All level 1 potions are listed first, and level 4 potions are listed on the last page.


Click on one of the cards to open an information window on the right. Here you can see how much experience the brewing of a potion brings and how long the production time is.

You can get to the brewery via the field "To the brewery".

Inside each card you can see how many potions you currently have in stock.

Use the arrow in the middle of the overview to scroll through the menu.


The following two tabs for the powders (3rd tab) and for herbs (4th tab) work in the same way.


5th tab - Fruit overview

In this tab, an overview of all fruit varieties can be viewed.


Here, the 5 types of fruit are ordered according to their degree of saturation at Java. Within the box of a fruit type, the respective stock can also be read here.


6th tab - fruit tree overview

This menu lists all the trees that can be bought in the game. As already mentioned, the purchase of fruit trees is only possible via the shop in exchange for water lilies. All players receive the first tree, a small unicorn tree, in the course of the tutorial.

The trees are ordered according to the degree of saturation of the respective fruit and according to their size. First all the small trees are in the overview, then the large ones. You can turn the page with the arrow in the middle of the tab.


In the box itself, you can read the number of trees that are in your possession. Clicking on the box opens an information field on the right-hand side. Here you can find out how long the tree has been growing, how much experience you gain from harvesting it, and how much fruit you receive per harvest.

You can place the tree in your garden via the "Plant" field.

Problem: How do I move the tree on the field (back into the inventory)?

In order to move the tree on the field, the diversions must first be taken to move the tree to the inventory.


This is only possible if the tree can be harvested. It does not matter whether you harvest the tree beforehand or not. Harvesting happens automatically when you move the tree into your inventory. Afterwards you can find the tree in your inventory box in the tree overview and place it on the field again by selecting "Plants" as described above.

Problem: I can't find my Little Unicorn Tree from the tutorial.

Please look in the tree menu as described here. We are sure that you will find the tree at this point.

7. rider - event plants

In this tab you can see all plants from current and past events.


Within an event, the corresponding event plant can be selected here for planting. The menu here corresponds to the menu of the plants in the first tab, with the difference that none of the event plants must be unlocked beforehand.

You will receive them either directly at the beginning of the event or as a reward after you have solved the task at the event location.

After the completion of the respective event, the event plants are only in your inventory as a reminder. They no longer yield any income and are no longer game content.

An exception is the crystal tree obtained at Christmas. It still gives experience and is therefore also on the second page in the tree overview.


8. rider - dragon plants

The list of dragon plants can be found in the last tab.


The number of dragon plants you have in stock is also shown in the individual boxes. Clicking on a box also opens an information field on the right-hand side.

Of course, dragon plants can also be cultivated. However, they do not give any yield, only experience. However, the cultivated plant is not lost. After harvesting, it ends up back in your stock.

Please keep in mind that the cultivation of dragon plants by your friends is not possible, as the dragon plants themselves do not give any yield in the actual sense.
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